Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ahoy thar Mateys! I'm back on the reservation.

I'm back. Yeah, I know it's been almost a month since my last post. But you know how life can be. I thought I would have all this extra time now that I was done school, but I haven't been able to take advantage of it yet. Suzy Girl and I have been slaving away on this big project at work, and when we get home, we are wiped out. This hellmouth project must and will be over by July 31. Then maybe life will finally be back to some semblance of normal.

In the meantime, I have an FO. Yea!

Name: Small boy's pirate hat
Needle size: 6
Yarn: Red Hart soft acrylic in black and white
Pattern source: combo of two. The skull graph cam from Adrian Bizilia's We call them pirates and the pattern mod comes from Knitspaz.
Sorry people, Jenny just does not know how to modify patterns yet. Anyway, I made this hat for my girlfriend's son in about a week. The worsted weight yarn helped with the quickness of the project. I dropped it off over the weekend, and she'll let me know how it works out, whether it fits him or not. I'm sure wool, like Cascade 220, would have been a softer and maybe cooler choice, but I wanted her to able to just throw the hat in the washer. She doesn't have time for hand wash at the moment. This hat went so fast, that I told her I would make an adult size for herself if she so desired.

This was my first color work/ stranded project, and it went okay. I am an English knitter, so I'm sure if I was a continental knitter it may have been easier. As it was, it was alright. Next time, however, I will work some white stitches in between the skulls so the yarn doesn't have to be carried so far.
Continuing with the Pirate theme, my mom and I went to the Franklin Institute last week. There is special exhibition about pirates that is running through November. It's called Real Pirates and it gives you the history of piracy and one ship in particular, the Whydah. This was a slave ship that was converted into a pirate ship, and had a pretty prolific history. That's all I will say, in case you want to go see it for yourself, or read up on it. Although there was a great deal of reading involved, it was very interesting.

I have also finished one Monkey sock, and have just started the second. That's my lunch time knitting project, however, as vacation approaches, I may have to start walking again. Or step away from the ice cream. Such tough choices!

I have also CO and been knitting the February Lady Sweater from Flint Knits that is absolutely viral on Ravelry. Gnat from BarknKnit started an FLS KAL on her forum in Ravelry so I decided to join along. Not that I have been the best contributor, but I am there in spirit :)

Suzy Girl told me there was another KAL on the net somewhere, so I'll probably join that too. I have been reading through the pattern and have some questions. Anyway, not much else going on. The Phillies have been stinking it up lately. Way to blow that division lead boys! Good books have been a little hard to find, like every other one pretty much. But T.V. has been decent. A few of my favorite shows have come back.

Well, that's all I have for now folks. Take care until next time, and I hope your days are well.
I will be catching up on all your blogs this week, so watch out!