Sunday, November 30, 2008

Since I enjoy historical fiction

Your result for The Which Historical Queen Are You Test ...

Queen Victoria
You scored 53% on ruling power!

You are: Victoria, Queen of England, 1819-1901. Queen Victoria's reign was the longest in English history. Called the Victorian age, it was a time when Britain was at the height of its colonial power. Victoria became a symbol of British expansionist foreign policy. She insisted on taking an active part in the decisions of the government, and forcefully backed those ministers she liked. She herself was most proud of her role as wife and mother - she had nine children. After the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert, she went into a period of deep depression, dropping out of public view for three years. Her popularity increased in her late years, particularly during time of national celebrations, like the Jubilees of 1887 and 1897.

Try it for yourself.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I'm always down for a good read! And a contest :)

Yea for packages

I had two packages waiting for me in the midst of my two weeks of unsorted mail. The first is some beautiful sock yarn I won for second place in a contest from the High Fiber Diet podcast. I don't think this picture does it justice. I'm still not good with the picture taking.

This podcast is by two funny gals, Coggie and Bams, from Michigan. I think it's upper Michigan to be precise. They chat about knitting, spinning, their fiber, projects, and life in general. Just two normal, down to earth gals who try not to take life too seriously. And they almost always make me laugh. So drop on by and give them a listen. There is also a Ravelry forum of course!

And as though I don't have enough blogs and books to read, I won the following book from Booking Mama.

For a full summary of Sarah's Key check the link. In a nutshell, it describes events in Paris during the occupation of WW II, and a brother and sister who become separated . That's all I'll say for now, until I read it.

If you are looking for some good books to read, definitely check out Booking Mama's blog. How she finds the time I'll never know. She also knits, crochets, scrapbooks, and reviews children's books as too.
Happy knitting and TTFN!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Back on the mainland and reality

Yes, I decided to come back from Hawaii. Oh it was so beautiful there! And peaceful, friendly, and no worries, which is one of the mottos there. I was on the Big Island and it was absolutely amazing. The Pacific was a beautiful crystal clear blue. We visited Volcano National Park and circled the island. Each quadrant of the island is a different type of scenery and climate. From the warm sunny Kona side, to the rain forests of Hilo, and the deserts and plains around Honokaa and Waimea. I have never seen or experienced anything like it.

I know we were tourists and therefore everyone tries to be friendly to us, but they just seemed to be genuinely nice people who have a good attitude towards life in general. It was even more apparent to me after I got home and spent a day running errands around South Philly. But lets not go there.

Unfortunately, I did catch a terrible sinus infection before I left, and was sick as a dog when I came home. So, I'm not ready to share my pictures. As soon as I do, I'll put a link up to them.
Of note, I am trying my hardest to catch up on all my blog reading and stuff, but you guys have certainly been busy. My goodness! So please don't think I stopped reading :)

Next time, I'll post my purchases (there is one yarn store on the BI as far as I know), and what I knitted, which was hardly anything. Until then, take care and happy knitting. (This guy moves about as fast as I knit sometimes.)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When in Doubt....

Post a picture or two of your crazy cat.

This is Winston doing what he does best. Isn't he cute!!

But seriously, I hope Jenny Girl won't be too disappointed in my blog upkeeping skills when she gets back. I told her not to worry while she was away enjoying herself in beautiful Hawaii. I'd take care of things back here in the real world.
Well, apparently, I think I'm on vacation too.
So check back! The plan is to set aside some time this weekend and get the camera out and update both the blog and ravelry. I've got 2 or 3 FO's to share and a couple of new WIPs. How's that for pressure.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes We Did!!

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk...

Martin walked, so Obama could run...

Obama is running so our children can fly!"

This quote has been making the rounds on some blogs, it apparently was part of a discussion on NPR regarding the election, and it just seemed so fitting.

What an amazing day!!

Packed and ready to go

My bags are packed, the knitting, reading, and mp3 player are set. Thunderbirds are go!

Even Lucky's bag is packed. She will be at Grandmom's house for vacation. My Dad is so excited too. He is lonely during the day, and really misses having a dog. Mom is not too keen on having a new dog, but grandpuppies are okay. So Grandpop and Lucky will be hanging out together.

I'll be back in two weeks or so. I don't think I'll be posting while I'm gone, but you never know. I will try and keep up with all your blogs and i will definitely be checking my email.

Happy Knitting and TTFN!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The monkeys have been set free

Set free from my needles that is. These socks are knit in the infamous Monkey Sock pattern by Cookie A. Here are the particulars:

Needle size: US 2
Yarn: Seacoast handpainted yarn in the Autumn colorway (won this from Tiennie maybe last year? It's been a while)
Size: Women's 9 for me :)

I really enjoyed working with this yarn. It was soft, the pattern looks awesome in it, and the color is very pretty. So why did it take so long for me to finish? Well, I got tired of socks for a while. Then there is that whole second sock thing. I love the socks, but I did have to set a deadline to finish them. Otherwise they would probably just be hanging out in one of my knitting bags.

Happy knitting and TTFN!