Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jenny's pink Mr Greenjeans

I fell in love with Susan's version (Rav link) of Mr. Greenjeans , so being the copycat that I am, I just had to make one for myself. This baby has been percolating on the needles since the beginning of December. Here is a close up of the cable section:

The yarn is Moda Dea Silk-n-Wool blend (Rav link) and size 8 needles. The yarn is very nice to work with, and the pattern is super easy to follow. Top down construction and no seams. Yea! I did not change needle sizes on the bottom cable section as per the pattern. The cables pull in enough, without using a smaller needle. All I have left is both sleeves and the ribbing, which I'm doing now. Obviously this picture was taken a while ago.

Now if only I didn't have to work for a living and could knit all day.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bonsoir Mes Amis

I know, it's corny but I couldn't think of another way to start this post about my current WIP. It's Vienne, a free sweater pattern by Kristeen Griffin-Grimes which is available on the Knitting Daily site. Kristeen has a new book out, called French Girl Knits. So it seemed appropriate to dust off my high school french.

This started out as a KAL, but I'm not going to point fingers (or knitting needles) at any fellow knitters who left me knitting all by myself. I don't mind being abandoned. But now our plan for the three of us to wear our matching, spring sweaters on the same day and parade around the Drexel campus will never be.

I'm using Plymouth Royal Silk Merino in a kind of pale robin's egg blue. It's a really nice yarn. I got it on sale at Webs. Very nice to knit with.

This sweater uses an interesting technique, new to me. It's knit from the top down but starts out with a provisional cast. The left shoulder is knit from the top of the shoulder down, (front and back) and then the right shoulder is done the same way, with stitches for the sleeve cap picked up. There's a nice little lace pattern to keep it interesting. The two sides are then joined and it's knit in the round for the lower body.

I've made a little bit more progress since this photo was taken (by moi). The body is just about done and I'm ready to start the sleeves.

And as much as I want to sit and knit sleeves, I just got back from Borders. I bought Kristeen's book. It's a very pretty book, lot's of very pretty, french girl patterns. I also bought Wendy Bernard's Custom Knits. I'll be curled up on the sofa in 'new knitting book' heaven. The sleeves might have to wait for tomorrow. That is, if I can get Winston to move over and share the sofa.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Knitting my way toward Spring

Even though we got dumped on earlier in the week, it's March, and that means thoughts are turning toward Spring. After all, the Philadelphia Flower Show is in town this week and that's a sure sign of Spring. And this weekend, the weather forecast... 60's Saturday and Sunday!!! See ya' later snow!

So before winter slinks away (I hope I'm not putting a jinx on us Philly for one last blast) I thought I'd share a couple of recent cold weather FO's. I really enjoy knitting winter paraphernalia. I made several hats, some mittens, cowls and gloves and still have some projects in my queue that I'd like to knit but they'll have to wait for next year.

I knit two and half pair of gloves this winter. The last pair I finished are the Knotty Gloves (ravelry link). It's a well written pattern with some nice cable work at the wrist. My photo of the finished gloves doesn't really capture the detail as well as the second photo of them in progress.

Needle: US 2
Yarn: Patons Kroy Socks 4 Ply
Amount: A little less than 2 skeins
Colorway: Flax

I'm determined to knit more gloves for next winter. A small portable project - great for train knitting. And I like the various possibilities of patterns and colors. Like socks for your hands. This pair isn't exactly perfect but I enjoy wearing them.

My recently finished Cozy Cropped Cardi...
Pattern: Cropped Raglan Sweater by Lion (ravelry link)
Yarn: Berroco Peruvia in the Blue Nile colorway
Amount: 5 skeins - 870 yds. down to the last couple of yards
Needles: US 8

I love the Peruvia... it blocked really nice and soft. It's a very cozy little cardi and I'm going to wear it often until the weather forces me to put it away.

So what kind of projects will Spring bring? I've got a "springy" sweater on the needles. I'll try to get a real honest to goodness WIP post up about that next time. I'm planning on a lace KAL for some summer knitting. And socks are always good for warm weather knitting. You don't think I'm getting ahead of myself do you?? It is March after all.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wee bit of catch up

This is what my sweetie gave me for Valentine's Day this year:

He does listen to me when I talk about knitting. "Hey, don't you need one of those swift thingies? Happy Valentine's Day baby."

Not that we celebrate Heart Day. We both worked in the restaurant business, many moons ago, and lost our taste for the holiday. It is one of the worst day's to go out for dinner. I rather have a surprise waiting for me some random Tuesday or something. To me, that's being romantic. Or after being married for quite some time, "I dusted, vacuumed, and washed dishes today, baby." That's always good to hear :)

In other knitting related news, not too much going on. I am working on my version of Mr. Greenjeans (Rav Link). I'll try and post some pics by the weekend. Very easy pattern, knit in the round, so no seams...yea!

I am almost finished one sock of a pair using some yarn I won from The High Fiber Diet podcast and the pattern tessellating lace (Rav link). This is my lunch time project at work. Easy, mindless, allows me to chat and knit.

On a somewhat disappointed, bordering on angry knitting note, I had started Vienne (Rav link) along with Cattywampus and Suzy girl. However after frogging and CO three times, I am not looking forward to a 4th. Now I know I can be bit dense from time to time, but when I knit at night after work, I don't need to think that much. A little thinking is fine, but not bang my head against the wall and still not get it thinking. Cattywampus is not feeling it either. Suzy girl on the other hand is moving right along. Hers is very pretty and soft. I think the finished product will be gorgeous.

Well that's all for now. I think that's enough anyway.

Take care and TTFN!