Monday, March 2, 2009

Wee bit of catch up

This is what my sweetie gave me for Valentine's Day this year:

He does listen to me when I talk about knitting. "Hey, don't you need one of those swift thingies? Happy Valentine's Day baby."

Not that we celebrate Heart Day. We both worked in the restaurant business, many moons ago, and lost our taste for the holiday. It is one of the worst day's to go out for dinner. I rather have a surprise waiting for me some random Tuesday or something. To me, that's being romantic. Or after being married for quite some time, "I dusted, vacuumed, and washed dishes today, baby." That's always good to hear :)

In other knitting related news, not too much going on. I am working on my version of Mr. Greenjeans (Rav Link). I'll try and post some pics by the weekend. Very easy pattern, knit in the round, so no seams...yea!

I am almost finished one sock of a pair using some yarn I won from The High Fiber Diet podcast and the pattern tessellating lace (Rav link). This is my lunch time project at work. Easy, mindless, allows me to chat and knit.

On a somewhat disappointed, bordering on angry knitting note, I had started Vienne (Rav link) along with Cattywampus and Suzy girl. However after frogging and CO three times, I am not looking forward to a 4th. Now I know I can be bit dense from time to time, but when I knit at night after work, I don't need to think that much. A little thinking is fine, but not bang my head against the wall and still not get it thinking. Cattywampus is not feeling it either. Suzy girl on the other hand is moving right along. Hers is very pretty and soft. I think the finished product will be gorgeous.

Well that's all for now. I think that's enough anyway.

Take care and TTFN!


  1. I'm with you on the valentines thing. We don't celebrate and I'd much rather he got me something sweet on some other day out of the blue. Anyone can remember to do something nice on valentines. Special people remember at other times of the year :)

  2. awww what a sweetie, congrats on the swift...I can't wait to see the socks & Mr. Greenjeans...Things like the Vienne drive me crazy, if I have to frog it too many times it's like I become obsessed and can't let it go till I figure out why I have to keep frogging it...then I drive everyone around me crazy, I can't just let go lol : )

  3. I love when they listen and then just surprise you! :) I wanted to knit Mr. Greenjeans too...I'm interested to see your pics.

  4. Greenjeans is in line to be my next sweater project. I was going to finish a cardigan that I started years ago, frogged because the sleeves were too short and I was out of yarn, then restarted with another pattern. I picked it up the other day and damn, I can't remember which size I was knitting!

  5. What a great gift! I agree on the whole valentine's day deal. We'd rather be home hanging out than at some restaurant trying to force the romance.

  6. Very nice gift! Looking forward to seeing your projects...and too bad about Vienne, but I agree - no point in knitting something that doesn't make you happy!

  7. You lucky girl! That's a great swift!