Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fightin' Phils Win!

Those fabulous fighting Phillies won their division today, and made it into the playoffs. Congrats boys, and make this city proud! Our hearts are with ya! Go Phillies!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

February Lady Sweater Complete!

Ta-daa! There she is in all her red hot February lady sweater. I did enjoy knitting this sweater, my first by the way. There were a few scary moments, such as when I forgot to count, or when I forgot what the multiples of seven were. But all in all, I enjoyed this project. Think I will make one for my mom after the holidays. I can't do this pattern back to back, too boring. So here are the dirty details.

Project: February Lady sweater

Yarn: Caron Simply soft, about 3.25 skeins (which I liked knitting with, plus easy maintenance)

Needle size: 8 bamboo for the most part

Size: large

Now on to my next sweater! Have a great week chickees!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Ahoy ye wenches!

Today, September 19, is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. What do ya mean, ye not 'eard it a fore? See there really is a day for everything. So give yourself a laugh, and maybe someone else too, and try and talk like a pirate today. At least once. Life is too short, so have a little fun.

Besides, pirate gals were no nonsense, tough, and fiercely independent chicks, who laughed in the face of conformity. Aren't you like that, just a little bit? Just a teensy weeny bit?
Arrr and happy knitting!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Philadelphia Knit in Public Day

This Saturday, September 20, is another Knit in Public Day here in Philadelphia at Rittenhouse Square. It is being organized by the Third Street Ravelers. Now, none of my close knitting peeps are going, as they have other commitments. So, I am going all by meself, and hoping to run into some other knitters I may know.
Or I could, quite possibly, make some new friends. Gasp...could it be? Me make new friends? I consider myself a very friendly person, but not everybody is. You know how people can be sometimes. They already have their circle or clique,, and that's it. But you know what I say? WHATEVER! I have a good time wherever I go, and plan to do so on Saturday as well.
Besides, Rittenhouse Square is right down the street from Rosie's and I need some buttons. Three to be exact, for my 99% completed February Lady Sweater. will be posted Monday.
Happy knitting TTFN!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday fiction on Saturday

Phoe from Phoeknits just started this Friday Fiction writing thing yesterday. You can either write some fiction (which for meself is no) or take the prompt and write a blog entry. Option two it is, blog entry.
Friday Fiction Prompt:
What do you see from your window?

Well I don't usually see too much. I live in the city, in a row home, on a block that runs on an angle, so I have nothing across the street from me. No houses, no neighbors. It's like I'm on an extra appendage. Across the street on an angle is a school and school yard, which is full of cars today. More so than usual.

Why? Well, my street is closed off for a serenade tonight. I live in South Philly, which is pretty much synonymous with Italian. You want good Italian food and delicacies, you come to South Philly, capeshe. South Philly was settled by Italian immigrants who brought their traditions with them from their homeland. One of them being serenades. Basically, the night before the wedding, the groom-to-be stands underneath the bride-to-be 's window and serenades her with love songs. It was small, intimate, and with a few family members present. That was then, this is now.

Now, the serenade is held usually about two weeks before the wedding. The street is closed off. Big tents are erected. Tables and chairs are put out. Food and drink are a plenty. There is usually a DJ and a small Mummers string band almost always stops by too. Everybody does the mummers strut. (Sorry can't find a video worthy of viewing) Basically the serenade is a pre-wedding party, and everybody gets pretty smashed. All the neighbors are invited too, to get something to eat and drink. I won't go because I don't know them too well. It's not that I'm anti-social, I just don't hang with my neighbors. I actually don't even know that many down that end of the street.
Anyway, that's what I see from my window today.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Gods have spoken

I wanted to blog last night, but was too tired. Tonight I was going to work from home for a couple of hours, but lo and behold, my password to get in wouldn't work. The IS person only works 8 am-4 pm so I'm SOL until tomorrow. The Gods have spoken! I was meant to blog tonight! YEA!

Not that I have that much to say. Oh well maybe. I have one sleeve finished on the FBL, and I started the other one. Pictures when I'm done. I am making progress on my mittens, see:

I really haven't been working on these too much. A little bit the past week or so, since my FBL is too cumbersome to lug around. Okay, just realized I have been calling that FBL, when it should be FLS = February Lady Sweater. DUH! Oh well! It's stuck as FBL now.

Otherwise not much going on. Oh yeah the hubby, JB, is on a Hawaii diet now. So we have been trying to eat better at night. Last night I made asparagus sauteed in a wee bit of butter and olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and a scosh of Parmesan cheese, once drained.

They were okay, but probably would have been better hot. By the time I sat down to eat they were a little cold. JB loves asparagus, and would eat them just plain steamed, but I need a little somethin' somethin' on them. We had grilled chicken to go with the asparagus. Tonight it's grilled chicken and broccoli and maybe some corn. Not sure about the corn yet.

After it's some T.V., some knitting, and some more book perusing.

I have read so much about Hawaii that I could write a travel book about it. Now I just have to write some stuff down that I want to see and do, in my hardcore Hawaii book, formerly known as my hardcore knitting book. (Skull and cross bones = hardcore) It only had 2 pages of notes for knitting, so I figured it would be better used for travel notes.

TTFN! Enjoy your evening and happy knitting :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Blog contest at Keeping Knit Simple

Hi my peeps!
Rita over at Keeping Knit Simple is having a blogaversary contest. All you have to do is visit her blog, and leave a comment. Please tell I sent you as well.
Rita's blog is interesting, and she has many furry friends too. Both pets and visitors.
Happy Blogaversary Rita!