Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Surfing and thinking

I am sitting here looking at other people's blogs and thinking:
"How do they come up with this stuff? More importanly, how do they find the time to do all these things? You know, like, write a blog, read several blogs, knit some things, and life in general?"

I am not on the internet evry night. I try to fit it in when I can. Like tonight I would love nothing more than to just sit and knit or surf or work on this blog, but you know the house doesn't clean itself, unfortunately. I need a maid or an assistant. Someone to work for me when I don't feel like it, and to clean my house.

Well, since that is never going to happen, I'll just have to squeeze everything in. If you only knew what everything else was :) In time I may tell. I do have to try to make this blog a little more pretty though. It's kind of boring. Pictures, I know! Working on that too!


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