Friday, August 31, 2007

Slacker Suzy

I've been on vacation from work all week, enjoying this last bit of the official summer season. I spent a few days hanging out with some of my favorite little people, the grandkids. We took a day trip to the Aquarium, did some serious back to school shopping and indulged in ice cream and/or water ice every opportunity we got (which happened to be every evening after dinner). What can I say, sitting outside eating ice cream on a summer evening is just the perfect way to end the day.

For the most part the plan was take each day as it comes.... a vacation week with no destination other than my own zip code, in mind. And get some knitting done. I was able to squeeze in a little knitting here and there, but in reality I do my best knitting the couple of hours I spend each day commuting by train to my job in the city. At home, in the evening, there are other distractions, like this computer.

I've got several projects in various states of progress. Currently OTN are 2 separate socks, a sweater for my grandson and a shrug for his sister. And at some point today, I hope to cast on for a cabled scarf. I like to keep my options open.

The picture is my recently completed, first pair of socks. Just a basic stockinette stitch sock with a ribbed cuff in Tufutsies yarn. Love the yarn! It was very nice to work with and feels so nice on!! Since then, I've bought additional sock yarn in anticipation of knitting socks for everyone!! I picked up more Tofutsies, some self-striping yarns (Fortissima Socka and Regia) and some black Reynolds Soft Sea Wool (don't ask.... black socks??). And I've spent more hours than I like to admit to, looking at sock yarn online. I think I need some handpainted or dyed yarns or more solid colors to round out my collection.
One of my socks in progress is the Tofutsies again, this time in a pinky, orange color. The leg is a simple knit and purl pattern that looks like blocks. In fact, it's called Tumbling Blocks. I'm working my way toward the more complicated cable and lace patterns. Baby steps.
Well, back to slacking.... I've got a few other knitting blogs to check in on and some knitting to do.
Have a great holiday weekend!!

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  1. Hey Suzy Girl and Jenny Girl
    Love the new look of your blog...
    Love the socks too!
    You girls were meant to blog.