Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Elusive Lure of Ravelry

You signed up on July 28, 2007
You are #21363 on the list.
9862 people are ahead of you in line.
9823 people are behind you in line.
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Well, I finally jumped on the biggest bandwagon to come along in ages….. Ravelry. As you can see, I resisted a little longer than I should have and find myself over a month later with almost 10,000 people still ahead of me in line. Even though it looks like it’ll be awhile before I get my invite, I decided to take pictures of some recently FO’s, some WIP and do a quick inventory of my needles and stash in anticipation of that happy day.

The inventory part didn’t take long. I don’t really have a large stash. I know what you’re thinking…. “and she has the nerve to call herself a knitter and have a knitting blog!!”. Well, in my defense, years of being a single Mom have made me still a bit frugal with the cash when it comes to spending on myself. I’ve only recently graduated to shopping at my LYS and online rather than my local craft store (i.e AC Moore and Michael’s). In fact, I may soon become a real yarn snob.

So you won’t find 4 and 5 skeins of top quality natural fiber yarns hanging around my house with nothing to do. Heck, you won’t even find more than one or two unused skeins of acrylic yarn languishing unused at my place. Currently I have about 5 pair’s worth of sock yarn, that I bought recently and a larger collection of odds and ends left over from previous projects. Why I save every little bit of leftover yarn I don’t know, but I always think it'll come in handy for something. And actually I do have a plan. I have this vision in my head that someday I will use these odds and ends and create these really amazing, funky, bohemian looking scarves. When I wear them I’ll feel very hip and bohemian. In reality, to make this happen will probably require a trip to my LYS to pick up some really funky, beautiful, hand painted yarns to make the AC Moore leftovers look good.

But anyway, here’s what I have going on as a result of my little inventory. I'll post some pics over the next few days, starting with the knitting I did for my daughter's wedding. Now you don't think I was going to not include knitting in the wedding or wedding in the knitting blog did you?? It goes without saying, both things are very near and dear to me. Well, actually, the wedding preoccupied me more than almost anything else ever has so I got very little knitting done this spring. And what I did knit, I started at the last minute. But then, I work well under pressure.

I know I should get them organized in flickr or something like that for Ravelry but for now at least I have the pictures. Organization is next, that’s what Ravelry is for, right?

FO in 2007
  • Shrug for granddaughter #2 in Paton Glittalic in "blue flash". Fluffy, slighty glittery, just her thing. She was the flower girl in #2 DD beach wedding this summer so it came in very handy later in the evening during the tented reception when the air cooled off a bit.
  • Shawl for me in TLC Cotton Plus in the color "thistle". Same event but not glittery or fluffy.
  • Branching Out scarf.... my first “name” project with LYS purchase – elsebeth lavold silky wool in periwinkle.
  • Malabrigo Rainy Day Scarf in Paris Night colorway .... mmmmmmmmm!
  • First pair of socks in Tofutsies... pic previously posted.


  • Crew neck sweater for grandson #1 in Caron Simply Soft Tweed, Autumn Red.
  • Shrug for granddaughter #1 in Caron Simply Soft (black, her choice, she’s at that age and not as flashy as her sister).
  • 2nd pair of socks in Fortissima Socka, a self striping faux fair isle pattern.
  • 3rd pair of socks, a Crystal Palace Yarns pattern called Tumbling Blocks in Tofutsies.
  • Aran cable scarf, a gift project, in Bernat Alpaca “Natural Blends” 70% acrylic and 30% alpaca.

In the queue

  • More socks, to include a plain black pair for my son (sibling rivalry is not a pretty thing, especially amongst 20-somethings).
  • Washcloths to give as gifts with little homemade soaps.
  • a Clapotis ( I don’t even know how to pronounce it but I want one out of beautiful, expensive yarn!)
  • Silver’s Palindrome scarf.
  • Felted tote bag.

So anyday now, I'll be joining the party on Ravelry and then I'll get no actual knitting done!!

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  1. I didn't know you had so much on the needles. Bring what you can to work on Sunday so that I can sneak a peek.