Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ode to a Knitting Novice

I have this friend, let's call her Knitting Novice (
She considers me her knitting guru. To be honest, I am a bit older than Knitting Novice. And I have been knitting a few years longer than she has. I'm honored. But I recently realized that although she considers me her knitting guru, the truth of the matter is, that in our knitting relationship, she has been the teacher.

I first learned to knit about 25 years ago when my kids were little, like hers are now. I had a friend who crocheted and she taught me that. I enjoyed crocheting for awhile. But I started to notice that all the patterns I really liked were knitted. So I ended up taking a knitting class at my LYS. Yes, there were "yarn shops" in those days, but this was before the huge resurgence in knitting .... before the internet!! I knit for a few years, nothing too outrageous, little hats and mittens and little sweaters. Then life got busy and with everything else I had going on, my knitting fell to the way side. I picked it up again a few years ago when the grandchildren started coming along. And again, nothing too ambitious, I made baby blankets, hats, mittens, the occasional little sweater, and scarves. Scarves were my speciality!

When Jenny Girl learned to knit I was so excited. I had a knitting friend. Someone I could talk knitting with and share projects and ideas. We both shopped mostly at craft stores for yarn (found LYS a little intimidating) and talked about learning to knit socks. I was comfortable in my little knitting niche.

Since Knitting Novice has been knitting, her excitement for it has been contagious. With her example I have ventured into new territory....
  • Blogs!! Knitting Novice kept bugging.. I mean encouraging me to start a blog. And Jenny Girl apparently got tired of me talking about it and took the initiative and here we are. (Thanks JG)
  • Socks!!! Jenny Girl and I both have finished our first pairs. Now socks are going to be my speciality. And since we are sock knitters, LYS don't scare us anymore.
  • Ravelry... yea, I'm on the waiting list (with all the other cool people).
  • Podcasts!!!! I'm totally in. Listening to Stash & Burn, Socks in the City, Cast On and Lime and Violet and more as I find them.

So thanks Knitting Novice.

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  1. Dear Suzy_Girl (knitting guru),
    Thank you for the kind words. I'm so glad you are my knitting friend.
    Oh wise one...I think I might have a problem with my it possible to knit it inside out? I'm not frogging it. I'm just going to plug along.