Monday, September 17, 2007

It's Monday....blah

I am stuck in a bit of a rut right now. My Garden of Eden (GOE) scarf is coming along, although it is driving me crazy. Pretty and soft, but difficult to knit with. I did CO and knit a new sock yarn, but ended up having to frog it because I messed up in two separate locations. Don't know what, probably dropped a stitch or something, but I felt compelled to rip it out and start anew. Plus I wasn't happy with the cuff. K1P1 ribbing, but not very elastic. I think it's the yarn. I bought it on sale at the LYS, but it didn't have a band. I believe it's Austerman. It has a string-like feeling, and not as nice as my first sock yarn. (You never forget your first do you?) The colors are variegated so I do like the way it was coming out, except for my boo-boos of course. I hope to have something posted by the end of the week, picture included. Suzy bring in your camera Friday. This is the only picture I could find that comes close to what I have. My ball is probably discontinued or something. Or maybe it's a different manufacturer.

And my poor poncho has been completely forgotten about. Not really forgotten, just ignored. I guess because the yarn is kind of boring, although when I do finally finish, it will be beautiful. Other than that, not much else going on in my knitting world. Haven't really purchased any yarn, because I feel I need to decrease my stash some what. Maybe I'll go next weekend and purchase some.

BB8...can't stand the finalists, don't get me started. At least Survivor is starting soon. Yes, I love Survivor, don't even go there. Never finished the witch of cologne, she was working my nerves. So I have started a classic. Good so far, but lets see how long that lasts. Colts are 2-0, yea! Happy about that. And hockey season is about to get under way, so I'm very excited about that.

Well, I have nothing else to report at the moment, so take care, and TTFN :)

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  1. Thanks Jenny for the sock website. I tried Silver's last night, but I think I was to tired after work to cast on. I tried 3 times before I gave up at 12:05 AM. I really shouldn't start a project at 11.
    I like the link you sent me today.
    I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the encouragement. Also, I want to send my condolences for your sock too :-)
    Where are you on the Ravelry list?