Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday, Monday…..

What a long day!! I got up late and had to run for the train and from that point on there was only one direction to go …… down. The only bright spot was the delicious homemade potato soup Jenny Girl made on Sunday and brought in to share with me. Yum!!

I finished the Tumbling Block sock! Yea, first of the pair. And rather than cast on for the second one right away I decided to switch off and get started on the second sock of my faux fair isle pair, (Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Socka). My strategy for socks is to keep switching off… thus avoiding SSS and never being bored by the same exact sock twice in a row. The sock rules according to Suzy Girl, which are subject to change at my discretion, are that I can have 2 pair OTN at one time but can’t cast on for a 3rd pair until I’ve finished one of the two pair in progress. Welcome to my world. It’s not easy being me.

After much consideration I decided that I'd like my Socka socks to be twins.... yes, paternal twins, not fraternal twins. With the fair isle patterning it just seems like it should (to me anyway). So, I started off and did my best to start my cast on with the same color sequence and just when I was beginning to feel pretty good about it.... the cream/green color change went haywire.
While I considered how to deal with that dilemma, I picked up my aran cable scarf and thought I'd spend a little quality knitting time with that. But no! That project is not behaving as I want either. So that may get frogged and restarted as well. This time as Silver’s Palindrome scarf. What it is with bad Mondays!!

So in an effort to end this post on a happier note, and to catch up. Here’s a pic of an actual FO. My “Branching Out” scarf (pattern courtesy of Susan Pierce Lawrence) in elsebeth lavold silky wool. I actually bought this yarn to make my MOB wedding shawl but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted for my dress so I ended up using one of the hanks for the scarf instead. It was my first real attempt at a lace pattern and when I realized the pattern called for elsebeth lavold silky wool it seemed like an omen.

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