Friday, September 14, 2007

Blog Hog

At the risk of being labeled a blog hog... I'm going to pop in and post a picture of one of my recent FO's. I acquired the yarn for this project during a recent 50% off online sale. A posting on the KH message board about Malabrigo for $6 a hank started a total run on this site. Now, I'd never seen, nor touched Malabrigo but had heard it was extremely pleasurable to knit with. But in the ordering frenzy, I also found myself a little distracted by the possibilty of snagging some sock yarn. New sock knitter here!! And to further complicate matters, my time was limited... it was lunchtime, I was at work and my budget was tight.

So you know what they say, order in haste, kick yourself in the ass later. When the dust had settled I found I had ordered 1 single hank of Malabrigo, along with some new sock yarns. One hank!! What was I thinking?? And to top it off, I totally missed the sale pages on Lorna's Laces until it was too late.

I received my little package in the mail a couple of days later and immediately tried to figure out what I was going to do with a single hank of the lovely Malabrigo. The yardage was listed as 216 yards so my plan for a big, fluffy, cable scarf draped multiple times around my neck... wasn't to be.

I searched high and low for a suitable pattern and with a little help from the online knitting community found the "Rainy Day Scarf".

Mmmmalabrigo!! Live and Learn.

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