Friday, June 27, 2008

Say "Aloha" to my aloha shrug

Yes, it is finally finished. I know it doesn't look like much, but it took me a while because I got side tracked by other projects and life in general. So here are the specifics:
Pattern source: Comfy shoulder shrug (aka Aloha Shrug) from Creative Knitting Sept. 2007
Size: Large (big boned)
Yarn: Shine worsted from Knitpicks in coral and cream, 8 and 2 balls respectively (around about that amount)
Needle size: 9
Started: Mid-March 2008
Finished: June 26, 2008
Enjoyed working with this yarn and I do love the color. Makes me think of my tropical vacation, hence the name. It would have been finished Wednesday night, however I bound off and realized I made a mistake. Like seemed up the sides too far, and did not pick up enough stitches around the opening. DUH! Blond moment! (highlights count) So I frogged the edging, and some of the side seams, and re-finished it last night. Ahh...much better. In my defense, the instructions were not exactly that clear.
I must say though , that I impressed myself with the seaming. The last time I seamed something, it looked like crap. I think I did a much better job this time, considering there was open work right next to the edge. Not a lot of room/stitches for seaming. There are a few boo-boos in this shrug, but I made it with my own two hands. And for that I am proud.

I'd like to give a big shout out to Suzy Girl for being my photographer, hence the laughter. We always laugh when we are together. Here is too our lunches filled with knitting :)


  1. Love it!
    Love it!!
    Love it!!!
    Good job.
    And the photos aren't too bad either :)

  2. It's beautiful. You did a great job!
    Pic's are good too!

  3. Very pretty - love the color and it looks great on you!

  4. Love the fun modeling shots! Pretty!

  5. Cute! Love that. It looks good on you!

  6. Wow! It looks great and so do you in it!
    I just adore the color. It's one of my favorites.

  7. Ah, I am so late! Sorry, I'm playing catch up. I love the shrug! The color is really pretty & you look adorable in it. You should be proud of yourself.

  8. It is adorable and the color is fabulous on you! GREAT photos! :)

  9. I love it! You did a great job and I love that last look so happy : )

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