Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tag...Jenny's Girl is it!

Dustinac also tagged me for the A to Z thingy. So here are my answers.

ACCENT: I guess Philly accent would qualify, however there are sayings or words I use that are neighborhood related. I live in South Philly, the Italian section of the city, and every Sunday we make a big pot of gravy and meatballs. Gravy is what non-South Philly people call tomato sauce.
Don't ask me why, it's just a South Philly thing.

BREAKFAST OR NO BREAKFAST: Breakfast bu not a big one, something small like cereal or toast and yogurt.

CHORE I DON'T CARE FOR: All of them. Just pick one.

DOG OR CAT: One precious dog, who is spoiled. It's really her house and she just lets us live there.

ESSENTIAL ELECTRONICS: Radio/mp3 player/CD player and a computer. Oh yeah and a camera

FAVORITE COLOGNE: Happy by Clinique

GOLD OR SILVER: Either one.

HANDBAG I CARRY MOST OFTEN: More like a big a-- tote bag, unless I'm going somewhere and need to downsize

INSOMNIA: God forbid

JOB TITLE: The bestest Wife, daughter, and friend

KIDS: none

LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: Row home. (but not the place I intend to live out my days)

MOST ADMIRABLE TRAIT: Friendly, loyal (to a fault), easy going, free thinker

NAUGHTIEST CHILDHOOD BEHAVIOR: Convinced my little brother that he was adopted. Convinced him he was bought on the blue light special at Kmart (if you can remember those). But best of all, finally convinced him that my mom was Lady Jaye and my dad was Flint from GI Joe
My mom and dad really couldn't talk about it, because, you know, it was a government secret. However, when my brother asked, my mom looked at me, and actually went along with it. Just until my dad got home from work!


PHOBIAS: Bugs, the crawly and flying kind.

QUOTE: I guess...tomorrow is another day. Scarlett O'Hara

REASON TO SMILE: Because it takes to much effort to frown and it's not worth it.

SIBLINGS: Aforementioned little brother who was "bought at Kmart"

TIME I WAKE UP: Depends on the day, work or not.

UNUSUAL SKILL OR TALENT:none I can think of

VEGETABLE I REFUSE TO EAT: Peas and Brussels sprouts. Yuck!

WORST HABIT: Piling stuff up at the side of bed...books, knitting patterns, recipes....nothing but a big ole pile of stuff!

X-RAYS: my knees (told you I fall a lot)

YUMMY STUFF: Pizza, pasta, garlic bread, Reese's Cups, chocolate ice cream, oh I could go on!

ZOO ANIMAL I LIKE MOST: The polar bears. At the Philly zoo they have the tank you can see through when they swim. My heart just goes out to them when I watch those global warming shows.

Okay, well that about does it. I am not going to tag anyone else in particular, because they have probably already been tagged. However, if you would like to share about yourself, please feel free to do so. I would love to learn a little something about you too!



  1. Interesting answers. I hate brussels sprouts too.

  2. How interesting! I get kind of upset about the polar bears, too.

  3. ohh I forgot about brussel sprouts blahh...I love the polar bears too and those shows get me as well...: )

  4. I like that you got tagged by your fellow blogmate! Great answers!