Sunday, August 31, 2008

FBL Update

So this is my 80% finished February Lady Sweater. I have both sleeves to do and I'm hoping to get them finished by next weekend. I would like to say by the end of the holiday weekend, but I'm not sure. Why should I pressure myself anyway.

I really like this pattern. It makes me pay attention a little bit, but it can be sort of mindless too. Unless I'm counting stitches. Jenny can't count and talk at the same time. Sorry :( Just not going to happen. I think I might make my mom an FBL after the holidays. I don't want to do the same pattern back to back. And let me just tell you how much I love knitting in the round. No seams to sew. Bind off and you're almost done. Much easier and better sense of accomplishment. I know some garments must be pieced together, but I think those should be few and far between. Now I am always looking for knit in the round patterns.
Speaking of which, what's up with the new IK? Gotta say I'm not very impressed. I have looked through it twice, and I can't say there are is anything in there I just have to make. Seamed or not. I saw some of the gallery pictures on the web before I got the issue, and was not blown away. But I just figured, there would be other things I would like. Not everything can be a gem.

Look, don't get me wrong I usually like and drool over IK. It just seems the last couple of issues have been eh. Especially when compared to some other mags I have paged through. Maybe they are just having a bad couple of months or something. It could be me too. I would never rule out that possibility. I'm just saying its something to think about. What do you think?

Well, until I get my sleeves finished, take care and have a great day.



  1. Your FBL is beautiful! I love it!
    As for IK, I kinda of agree. I've been enjoying Knitscene more. There are few things I want to knit in that magazine.

  2. I agree about IK also. This issue does have a pair of socks that I want to make. But, most of the sweaters are just way too trendy to spend that much time and money on.

  3. So pretty!! Your almost there!! : )

    I have to agree on the IK as well, I didn't buy the last 2 instead I just waited till mom was done with hers. I loved the vogue this time around and usually that is not a magazine for me at all : )

  4. Your FBL is gorgeous! I agree about IK - I have been iffy on the last couple of issues...

  5. Your sweater is looking lovely.

    I don't think I saw much in the Summer IK but the fall one has a couple of patterns that interest me. Maybe not the sweaters so much as the other stuff though.

  6. That's a good looking sweater! Great color!