Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mittens in August

Nothing says August like 90 degree weather that feels like 100, due to humidity, and knitting some mittens. Mittens you say? Yes, the mitten bug has bitten me. A few weeks ago, the Knitting Minds convened at lunch (that's me, Suzy Girl, and Cattywampus) and Cattywampus shared with us her book of mittens. I think they were Norwegian, but it's escaping me at the moment. They were beautiful, and I was sitting there like, "Wow. Gotta make me some of these."

Then the next week Sunset Knitter (formerly known as KnittingNovice) asked if we want anything from Knit picks. I said oh no not really, but I'll look anyway. The next thing I know I have the Tiffany mitten pattern in my hand and I'm asking Suzy, "What do you think about these colors?"
So I ordered and here is a closer look at what I chose:

The iris is the main color, with the asparagus as the tiffany window pattern. The flower band will be cream flowers on a turquoise background. The yarn is Knit picks merino style and I love it! The yarn is soft and squishy, and I really enjoy working with it. Like I just started my first sweater, and I am already planning another one with this yarn.
This is my lunch time project, and this is how far I have gotten:

Not bad, huh? I did have to frog the first try because I used the bigger needle size, since my hands are not exactly slender. However they made for man mittens. Frogged and am now using 2s. The mittens take a little concentration, and I knit English style, so the color stranding makes for slow going, but I enjoy it. See I did that hat and thought I was an expert. Ha! Wouldn't do a color stranded sweater yet, but mittens I think I can handle.



  1. It looks good so far. I am so not ready for mittens in August. Its so hot right now I can't imagine needing mittens again!

  2. I LOVE THE COLORS! If I was going to knit mittens for this winter, I should have started last winter :-)
    They are going to beautiful and toasty!

  3. That is going to be so pretty! There's nothing like warm woolen mittens in the heat of August! :)

  4. oohh those are going to be so pretty!! I can't wait to see them : )