Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daddy has a hat

You may remember that before vacation I talked about making my Dad a scarf. I did. Nothing special, 2x2 rib and used red heart acrylic held double so it would knit up quickly and be extra warm. Dad needs easy care yarn. Well he loved it, and I asked if he would like a hat to match. He said sure, but could I put a Phillies P on it. Why not? I'm fearless. Low and behold....

I was a little concerned about the fit. I measured his head, but me and measuring don't always get along, so I was still nervous. Plus the acrylic yarn I was using was not that forgiving. But it turned out pretty well don't you think? Here are the specifics:

Pattern: Pastaza Skull cap (Ravelry) with some mods. I co 96 stitches and then had to fudge the crown but it worked out and swirled.
Yarn: Red Heart red and white
Needle size: 8 circs and dpns
Size: Men's large
I used graft paper for the P which was pretty easy. I may consider doing a Flyers hat next. Hmmm...

(BTW, Dad was tired, hence the half closed eyes)


  1. Looks like he likes his new hat.

    You TOTALLY have to do a Flyers hat. Then he'll need an Eagles and Sixers version. Then you can do the Soul --- no, guess they aren't playing next year. Bugger!

  2. It looks great and he looks very happy! : )

    I get the nervous thing with measuring I'm the same way! : )

  3. What a great hat!!!!!!!! He's ready for the season now!! :)

  4. Wow! You are so talented! Nice job. The "P" is perfect!

  5. I think it looks awesome. He looks so happy so that is always good!

  6. omigoodness! That's the best hat ever! I better not show my DBf though... or else he's going to want one...

  7. Recovering:
    It was a super easy hat. No time at all. Let me know if you're interested.

  8. HAHA!!! You can tell he loves it!