Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's What's for Dinner...

Squash!! I love summer squash so I was very happy to come home tonight and find this perfect yellow squash as I was on my way in the back door. It's been many years since I've had a garden. But my daughter had a couple extra squash plants that wouldn't fit in her smallish, first vegetable garden so she sent them home with me. I popped them in at the end of a sidewalk border right by my deck and now... I have dinner! Just steamed with butter (tonight I settled for Smart Balance), salt and pepper = yum!!

I also have another recent FO to share. The yarn, Knitting Fever Jumbo Merino, was an impulse purchase that I was sure was destined to remain in my stash because I foolishly only bought 2 balls. A grand total of 66 yards! I was going to try Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Unoriginal Hat but after looking at various projects on ravelry I was certain I'd run short. It was really bugging me that I'd bought this yarn that I was really drawn to - loved the earthy colors and softness - yet I bought it without a plan and couldn't find a pattern to use with it. So last weekend I just decided to knit a rectangle with a cable down the center and see if I could get enough length to make a neckwarmer. I made a buttonhole and one end and then knit down to the very end. And after blocking and giving it a little tugging it looks like it might work!

And a project currently on my needles is Liesl!

You might recognize this yarn. It was last seen as Vienne, (my ravelry project) which ended up in the frog pond. Who knew that frogging a whole sweater that had been washed and blocked with the ends woven in (really well I might add) would be such a chore. Took me a whole evening. And then more time washing and rewinding the yarn. But now I have the pleasure of knitting with this lovely yarn again and I'm optimistic that this project will be a success!!

Happy Knitting and thanks for all the nice warm wishes on the new little grandbaby!


  1. That is one big a-- squash! I bet it was a delicious!

  2. YAY for summer vegetables : ) I don't care for squash but I've been enjoying cucumbers lol. The knitting looks great!! : )

  3. Mmm, I love summer squash! I love your FO too! Nice work.

  4. The squash looks beautiful. Bet it was Yummy! We didn't have much luck with the garden this summer. Your knitting projects are looking great!

  5. I love your neck warmer.. what a great Idea for a small amount of yardage. I can see why it was an impulse buy the yarn is lovely.

    Your squash is beautiful!
    Happy weekend.. happy knitting.