Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finishing Feels Fabulous!

This has been a week of finishing! I've had several projects on the needles that I've been cycling between and I got to the point with each of them that it was time to just settle in and finish. I reached my "tipping point". Some had been on the needles longer than others but they all got their share of dedicated knitting time.

First off the needles was my newest project. In this case I think I have the KAL to thank for the quick turn around time. I caught the beginning of the September KAL on the ravelry Beginning Lace Knitters group for the Traveling Woman shawl by Liz Abinante. I'd had my eye on this shawlette and had been considering knitting it this fall so it seemed like a sign. August 31st found me casting on.

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it. The yarn was yummy. The color was a treat to my eyes. The details are here on my ravelry page. And it was great to be part of the KAL and see everyone's yarn choices, progress and the finished shawls. In fact, the KAL is still going strong so if you've been considering knitting TW, stop by and visit the group. I joined earlier in the summer when I cast on my "first" lace weight shawl. I've found the Beginner Lace Knitters group to be a really sweet, supportive group of lace knitters who seem to welcome and enjoy helping newbie lace knitters (like me).

That lace project also came off the needles last night! I've been working away on it all summer. I'm a little apprehensive about blocking it. Can I mess it up at this point?? I hope not. So more about that when I have some nice pictures post blocking. And now, I must get off the computer and back to Liesl. I've just picked up the stitches for the second sleeve so that should be done very shortly too!

And all this finishing.... means I can cast on some new projects.

Happy Knitting!


  1. So pretty!! I looked at your Fountain Pen and can't wait to see it blocked. Just take your time on the points and you will be fine. Usually with shawls like that I have to keep moving the pens takes awhile to get laid out right lol : )

  2. So, pretty! I'm knitting this shawl and I love it! It's a great pattern!!

  3. Really pretty----- great job! As for the things flying off the needles, nothing feels better.
    Well less weight and perfect skin, maybe a closet full of great shoes, or more yarn but next to that..........................

  4. It is really lovely. Way to go. :)

  5. How beautiful! The pattern and color reminds me of peacocks.