Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Coming up for air...

I'm feeling like a very bad blogger. Things have been a bit more busy than usual at work and consequently the blog, among other things, has been neglected. I haven't even made it to knit night the last few weeks.
So here's a quick update of what's on and off my needles!

I'm knitting myself a pair of socks with the Hill Country Yarn that my friend, Knittng Novice gifted to me on my birthday. Spring just doesn't want to come to us, here in Philadelphia. It's been a very gloomy March, so I cast this on in hopes of coaxing spring out of hiding. It reminds me of those early spring days when all shades of green shoots are poking up through the dirt and buds are starting to pop out on the bare trees. The yarn is really lovely to work with. This is my daily train knitting project so I'm further along then this picture demonstrates. I'm actually working the gusset of the second sock. I don't seem to be afflicted with SSS.

Yarn: Sweet Feet, 100% merino by Hill Country Yarns
Colorway: Pecan Orchard
Pattern: Plain Ole Sock top down on size 1 US dpns

I'm also making slow but steady progress on my cardigan. It's my knit night project because it's back and forth stockinette and great for knitting and talking. But since I haven't been getting to knit night you get the picture...
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic 100% wool in color 109
Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Scoop Neck Cardigan #278

My Celtic Tote has come out of zzzzzzzz..... and I finally finished the first side and am ready to start the handles. It's my 'evenings at home' knitting project.

Yarn: Lion 100% Wool (main color is Cocoa with cables outlined in Lemongrass)
Pattern: Celtic Tote by Jennifer Tallapaneni in Winter '07 Interweave Knits

I had some yarn leftover from my Foliage Hat so I made a Foliage scarf to match. I did get to wear it once or twice, but now I'm ready to put it away for next winter!

Yarn: 1 and 1/2 skeins of Araucania 100% Nature Wool Chunky
Pattern: The leaf lace pattern from the Foliage Hat by Emilee Mooney
Needles: 10.5 US

I don't think I shared any of the goodies I picked up on the yarn crawl last month. Our stop at Rosie's Yarn Cellar resulted in this score... 2 skeins of Manos Silk Blend. It's been calling my name ever since. So I wound it up and I think I'm going to give in soon and show it some love.

And just in case you were wondering.... I blocked my clapotis and it's officially a FO. I still am not sure I can pull off wearing it, but I enjoyed knitting it, I enjoy looking at it and I'll probably make another one.



  1. Hey
    Missed you in blog land.
    Your projects look great!

  2. The projects look great! I hope things slow down for you soon and spring arrives...: )

  3. Holy Hannah! Look at you and all that work.

    I wish my socks came out that way.

  4. I'm just about to post about my nearly-finished Celtic tote... It's not what I expected, but I think it'll have to do...

  5. Everything is lovely. And wow is there a lot of it!

  6. I'm a bad blogger too so don't feel bad! Life happens.

    At least you've been able to knit. That's what's important!