Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Never leave home without it

I have a part time job on the weekends, Saturdays usually. I know, full time job, school and knitting! I am crazy, but I have worked weekends forever, since the age of 14. To not work a Saturday once in a while is nice, but to not work for a while seems boring to me. I was going to cut back to every other weekend, but the Hawaiian vacation is not cheap. After that then I 'll cut back.
Anyway, I go to my other job Saturday, and find I don't have access to the new program that is now in use. No problem, I'll call IS and be operational shortly. Apparently they couldn't track down anybody, and after two hours, I left. The sad fact is I HAD NO KNITTING WITH ME. I know! What an idiot! Especially after Suzy Girl, myself and Cattywampus discussed the guy in the elevator for 41 hours. Luckily I had the latest issue of IK with me, or else I really would have gone crazy. Never again knitting goddess! I swear!
So on to knitting, I am still working on the same projects. But here are some new WIP pictures:
The shrug is actually coming along nicely, considering I don't knit a lot or very fast for that matter. Using Shine Worsted from Knit Picks and it is soft and comfy. Suzy girl and I always pet this when I bring it to work for show and tell. This yarn would make for nice spring/summer tops or sweaters. It feels nice against your skin too. So, as you can see it's chugging along.
Next we have my first sweater, the citrus yoke pullover:

Far away and close up. As you can see I am working my way down the neck. The pattern starts on dpns, and I am using 10.5. You increase every 2nd row in the 4 rom pattern, so it moves along quickly. I was uneasy with all those stitches on dpns. I was afraid of losing some, so I bought 16' circulars. Well, the stitches are squished on there, so now I need to get 24' circs. That's what the pattern calls for anyway, but at first I didn't feel as though what I had would fit appropriately. Now I think it will. Using Wool of the Andes Bulky and I like it so far. Not really itchy, and pretty soft considering. Did I mention I have to wind up the yarn by hand? I'll get a winder eventually :)

I should also mentioned that last Friday night, the 25th, I finished my last paper and presentation for school. YEA! Very happy and excited about this momentous occasion, because I have spent a lot of time at the kitchen table writing papers and stuff. I'll give that presentation on May 5th. It's a piece of cake!

Also my hockey team, the Flyers, miraculously made out of the first round of the playoffs! Very excited. They won game seven in overtime! Nothing like giving me a little heart attack boys. They are currently playing the Montreal Canadiens, and don't even get me started. I am only asking that all the games get called fairly. Game 4 is tonight, and my boys are up 2 games to 1. Keeping my fingers crossed.Lets go Flyers!



  1. You are very busy!! Everything looks wonderful and I love the shrug color! : )

  2. I've done that before, been stuck somewhere with no knitting. It was terrible, so I feel your pain, lol.

    Good for you for finishing your school paper. Hope your presentation goes well.

  3. I'll be waiting to see how your Citrus Yoke comes out. Mine came out too big, but maybe I will reknit it. I like the color of yours.