Sunday, May 4, 2008

Socks make a come back

While Suzy is busy playing the day away at Maryland Sheep and Wool, I am busy at home, trying to take pictures correctly, and doing laundry. Why did I not go you ask? Well, I have a lot coming up on the next few weekends, so I figured I should sit this one out. Besides, the bus trip Suzy took, didn't work out for me. I would have to drive, 45 minutes to join the bus trip, and I just thought that was kind of silly. However, I have since made friends with some local gals so next year, I'll take the bus out of Rosie's. I wasn't up for taking the bus with a bunch of strangers this year.

So socks have made a come back on my knitting project list. There are a few factors for this. Suzy always has a sock WIP, so I have been feeling a little left out. At work, I have been catching up on Gnat's podcasts called BarknKnit. This is the name of her blog too. Anyway on one of them, she interviewed a fellow knitter and they were talking about socks, socks, and more socks. So, I was sitting there thinking, "Jenny Girl you gotta jump on the sock wagon." Not to mention that every time I check Bea's blog, she has like another pair done. The girl can knit! And to top it off the Yarn Harlot will be in Philly on May 18th. Obviously I'm going, but I have to bring a sock. I can't go empty handed. So this is what I have so far:

The yarn is the Seacoast handpainted yarn in the autumn colorway that I won in a contest on Tiennie's blog last year. I am doing the infamous monkey sock design from Cookie A. This is one repeat of the lace pattern, with the purls. Suzy did hers without the purls. I tried, but I just couldn't do it. Must follow pattern. Unfortunately, my pictures truly do not demonstrate the beauty of this yarn. The yarn is lovely to work with, and it is very colorful, bright and pretty. I just suck at taking pictures. I realized this from my last post.

First of all, thank God I'm not a surgeon, because apparently my hands shake. The pictures are not very focused. Secondly, I need a different place to take pictures, other than my kitchen table. Nice table, but it's getting old. My backyard is nothing but cement, so that won't work. And if I do it out front...well that just won't work anyway. First things first though, I guess I have to read the camera book, again. Figure out the lighting and how to focus better.

On another note, I bought more sock yarn. Suzy and I took a road trip to Sophie's Yarns and this little number just jumped into my hands. Beautifully soft and it's in different shades of purple. Remember...bad picture taker.

And finally, my boys have made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. YEA! I am so pumped and excited! I can't believe they have made it this far. Go Flyers!



  1. The socks are gorgeous - I love the colorway and Monkey is one of my favorite patterns!

  2. I had to miss MDSW this year, too. Sometimes things just don't work out.
    I'll be watching for those Monkey socks. They'll be cute in those colors, but the Shaefer Anne you bought is more my taste--it's gorgeous.

  3. YAY for socks! You can never have to many socks going lol. Both yarns are so pretty!! : )

  4. I'm glad you're using the yarn!

    Pics - easy tip. Do not use the flash - will distort the colors. Just put next to a window where the natural light will filter in and the colors will show up better. This will help with the focus too.

  5. Looking Good Jenny! Love the sock!

  6. How is the sock coming along? I love the colors!