Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Drum Roll Please....

And now, my very modest Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival purchases.

The t-shirts. See one you like KnittingNovice?

And of course, Tess' sock yarn. I also bought Tess' at Stitches. One can never have too much Tess' yarn. Her booth is like a magnet. Or maybe, more like a flower garden to the honeybees. So many colors, so pretty!!

And a sentimental purchase. Brooklyn Handspun sock yarn for DD#2. She will be leaving New York in June and relocating to Philly. So this is in memory of all the great times we had the three years she was there. We did it all. Well, almost all. Broadway, Canal Street, the Seaport, Ellis Island, the Cloisters, Central Park, Rockefeller Center...well, you get the idea. And yet, one of the most memorable of all, was the beautiful, breezy, summer day we decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan into Brooklyn and ate the best pizza ever!!

So there you have it. Sock yarn. I told you they were modest purchases.


  1. ohh how pretty! I love the yarn colors and the t-shrits : )

  2. Hey
    Which is ever is fine w/me! I appreciate you getting me one!
    I love the Tess yarn. I think it's close to one I bought at Stitches.

  3. Love the yarns and tee-shirts. I think your daughter is very lucky to have you as a mom.