Monday, May 5, 2008

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning

I survived the Monday from HELL at work, only to endure an hour long train ride home that had me contemplating jumping off the moving train... or... using my dpn's to force all the rude, ignorant cell phone yakkers from the train instead. When I finally got home I was forced to stretch out on my sofa in the quiet of my living room for an hour, with a skein of Manos Silk Blend on my forehead. AHHH... sweet relief!! Thank you Rosie's!

Yes, jennygirl, my skein of Manos arrived today in the mail. A bright spot in the day. Now I can finish my Little Arrowhead Shawl.

And I'm sure by tomorrow or Wednesday I'll be sufficiently recovered to tell you all about my trip down to Maryland Sheep and Wool.



  1. YEA Manos silk blend!
    The shawl is beautiful sister.

  2. I'm sorry you had a rough day! The shawl is so pretty and I can't wait to read about the weekend! : )

  3. Oooo, that would drive me crazy about public transportation, listening to other people's phone calls. And you can't help but listen!

    I've never used Manos silk blend but it looks heavenly.