Saturday, November 17, 2007

Finally! Some FOs

So I finally have some FOs, and boy am I glad. The first thing I finished is the cute bunny you see here:

I got this pattern from the Lion Brand website The pattern was free but you just have to create an account. The bunny is made from Lion's velvet spun yarn on 10.5 and 8.0 needles. It takes 2 skeins, and knits up very quickly. Very quick in fact. The difficult part for me, was the face. I am not good with faces. Never have been. The eyes or the spacing between the features never looks right to me. This one came out pretty good. Can you tell I impressed myself. This bunny was made for a co worker who already had a baby, boy obviously. I intend to make a yellow one for my other co worker whose wife is expecting in February. They want to be surprised. They already have a little girl, so I'll make something for her eventually as well. Don't want to encourage sibling rivalry.

My next FO was my comfy scarf. Just in the nick of time too, because it has gotten a bit nippy here in Philly. Look at my luscious comfy scarf:

This is the Misti alpaca I mentioned before, knit in a ribbed seed stitch, on 11.0. Very easy, mindless, and pretty quick. I used two balls, and it's about 5 1/2 inches wide (relaxed) and about 5 feet long. It does feel soft, pretty, and comfy cozy against my neck on those cold mornings. It also does the trick when I wear it in the office when I have a slight chill. I am in love with this scarf, can you tell. I highly recommend this yarn, and will be looking for more future projects that use this yarn.

So, OTN I have the mate to my brown striped sock, and I started a Booga Bag by Julie Anderson

I am using Caron Felt It yarn in neon colorway. Grabbed this on sale 2/$1 at AC Moore. You just can't pass up a bargain like that. This also seems to be knitting up nice and quick as well. It's basically just garter stitch, so it's not that hard. I can't wait to finish and felt it.

Suzy Girl and I also took a road trip to another LYS in Philly called Nangellini Nancy and her husband run the store together. It's located on South Street between 8th and 9th. It's a pretty big store with a wide selection of yarns, books, and knitting notions. Prices are reasonable, and selection interesting. Recycled silk sari yarn, banana silk yarn, sock yarn, fancy yarn, all kinds of yarn actually. Nancy also has many knitted items on display, which I assume she sells too. In any case it gives you project ideas with the yarns she offers. She also has a nice sale section too. They bought stock from other LYS that were going out of business. Sad, but it does happen.

Both Suzy and I bought some yarn. I would like to make the gauntlet gloves in the Holiday Edition of Interweave Knits. So I bought 3 skeins of Silky Wool by elsebeth lavold

I thought I was prepared with my new little project book in hand, however, as usual, I wrote down my info half ass. Plus, I am just not that knowledgeable about yarns and stuff yet. I'm trying, but it's going to take time. And maybe a little reference book or something. If there was a class titled "Yarns and info you need to know and remember" I would take it! It will come to me after I make enough mistakes. Anyway, I should have enough yarn. Guess we'll find out. I'll start the gloves sometime in December and keep you posted.

Well I think that's about it for now. It's time to go knit or lurk on Ravelry.



  1. That bunny is so cute!! What a sweet little bunny face. You did a great job on it. I love him!
    And you know how I feel about that scarf! Don't leave it unattended in the office.
    The booga bag looks awesome! I really like the colors and I'm excited to see your progress.

    Busy, busy, knit, knit!!

  2. I'll be bringing them to the office on Monday. Hope you are feeling better. I'm sure you have like at least 2 FOs after this week.
    Bring the tote bag. I'm so glad the papre bag is history :)

  3. I love the bunny! How did the booga bag turn out?