Friday, November 16, 2007

A Win-Win Situation

I don't consider myself a particularly lucky person. But a couple of weeks ago my friend, Knittingnovice sent me a link to WiKnit, the knitting contest blog. This blog is maintained by ever green knits, who has a pretty cool blog of her own. She posts details and links to knitting bloggers who are having contests. It's a great way to browse some interesting blogs and potentially win a prize. A win-win situation if I ever heard one. So I did some clicking and reading and entered a few of the contests.

Anyway, the point of all this is that apparently, I am a lucky person. I was a winner!! I won, not one, but two contests in the same week. I know. I was almost embarrassed to post that. Talk about a contest hog.

And today I received my first prize in the mail. I got an amazing package from Bea who lives in Texas. Her contest on her blog, BAA BAA Blacksheep was such fun. She knits beautiful things, sews, takes wonderful pictures and has a family of the cutest furry babies you ever did see. In fact, the contest was to guess the weight of her "roly-poly" bulldog, Gus. And in honor of her 1 year blogging anniversary. She picked three winners, I didn't guess Gus' exact weight but I was close, and the prize was sock yarn!!!!

I was excited when I found the mailman had delivered the package this afternoon and I honestly expected to open it and find sock yarn, beautiful sock yarn. But Bea sent me a total goody package! I was totally amazed at her generosity. And it was all wrapped in pretty color-coordinated tissue, in the coolest bag ever. In fact, at first I didn't realize there was still more in the bag!! She not only sent me this beautiful, hand dyed, deep blue Shibui sock yarn, she sent me some really pretty blue/green beaded stitch markers, some fiber wash, a set of Crystal Palace dpn's, and a package of spool stockings.

And I have to just say the bag is so perfect for me. I commute every day into the city by train for work, and in addition to carrying my oversized handbag with assorted necessities, lunch, sometimes an umbrella etc., I also carry a small bag with my current small portable project. Lately, that's been a sock or a scarf. And so now I can ditch my usual knitting bag...

for the one Bea made. It's wonderful!! Lined with pretty fabric, a cool button, handles. Much better than my version!! She's going to be opening an etsy shop so watch for that.

Thank you Bea!! And to the rest of you, I promise not to enter any more blog contests. Good Luck!!