Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Oh yes. I am one of those people who has her tree up and decorated the day after Thanksgiving. No shopping for me thank you. I take this day off from work every year, specifically for the purpose of decorating my tree. My house, not so much the past two years. As long as I have my tree, I'm happy.

Each one of my ornaments holds a memory for me, and this I must give props to my mom for. From the time I was born, each year she would buy me a different ornament. This way when I left the nest, I had my starter Christmas kit. The top of my tree contains pieces from my baby mobile that she turned into tree ornaments. My mom was and is very crafty. Giver her some fishing line and a hot glue gun, and your house will be decorated. I get my Christmas bug from her, because she always made it a special event. We didn't have a lot of money growing up, but we never felt that way. I have both her and my dad to thank for all those wonderful memories. I also get my creative genes from her too. I am most proud of this Rudolph below.

Prior to knitting, I was into painting wood objects. I would get these at AC Moore, along with the paint and everything else. I made things for both myself and others. Mostly holiday related items. Now, I have never been a good artist or drawer. Faces were always my down fall. Well, one day this Rudy piece caught my eye. It was basically blank wood, just a cutout with holes for the lights. All the details are hand drawn, with paint. I was so nervous when I did this. Especially the eyes, because one mistake, and happy Rudolph, turns into a crazy reindeer. Rudolph is my favorite Christmas thing btw. Psycho analysis later.

Anyway, this is why I am so proud of this piece. It came out perfect, and I only made one or two mistakes. Which I was able to fix. Everything is hand drawn by someone who can't draw.
When my mom saw Rudy for the first time, it brought a tear to her eye. "You did this face? You can't draw faces. Oh my God, my little girl really is crafty." Thanks for another memory mom.

I did manage to get some knitting done over the Thanksgiving weekend as well. My booga bag is now bound off, and I am working on the I cord. (It still blows my mom's mind that I knit and like it.)

I also whipped the Garden of Eden scarf back out as well. I knitted one ball and have attached the second. It should make for a nice length. It is pretty and soft, but a pain to knit. Besides, I want to finish these up and work on other projects. Also, if I win the prize on Jane's blog Grammieknits this will lead to me starting yet another project. So you see I need to get this stuff done. BTW, for Jane's contest you have to post something weird about yourself. I have oh so many things to choose from :)

Well, that's it for now. Take care! And don't forget...Santa is watching you! But I know he takes bribes.



  1. Thanks for posting my contest on your blog. Your tree is absolutely beautiful - and full of memories - how special! I enjoyed browsing your blog.

  2. Oooh!! Your tree is so pretty! Lot's of special ornaments on there. That is my favorite part too, enjoying all the ornaments collected over the years. All the memories. Your Mom is ok!!!
    And Rudolph is adorable!!! Everything looks so nice and festive. I feel my little grinchy heart melting.
    Good Luck on Jane's blog contest and I'm quite impressed with the booga bag and happy you haven't forgotten your "Garden of Eden". That's a nice scarf. It'll look pretty with your long coat!

  3. Your tree looks absolutely great. I'm a christmas lover as well, but here in the Netherlands, we haven "sinterklaas" first. He's like santa, only a few weeks earlier. On the 5th of December, it's present-time here, so I'll probably start thinking about a tree on the 6th of december.

  4. Hi Jenny,
    I love your tree. I think I'm going to start collecting ornaments for my kids. What a great Idea! Your booga bag looks great. I'm just picking up stitches on mine...wish me luck. I don't know if I'm doing it right.

  5. Your ornaments are all lovely. I'm sort of a grinch, too, about Christmas but I may change my mind!