Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Book Report

I was on a lucky streak with blog contests a few weeks ago and won this beautiful book compliments of Rachel at http://cattywampus.typepad.com/my_weblog/
I'm so thrilled to have a copy. Thanks Rachel!!
As you can see, it's the new Clara Parkes book all about yarn and it's absolutely wonderful!! Not only is it packed with a wealth of information about YARN, one of my favorite things... it also has some great patterns (40 of them).
And it just a pretty book! Very nicely done. I highly recommend it. As a newer knitter, I often struggle with picking the right yarn for my projects and this book is going to help me immensely. I love it. It's my new bedtime reading.


  1. Hey Ladies,
    I awarded you a Nice Matters award on my blog! Swing on by!

  2. knitting novice,
    I was going to say it's about time you updated your blog.... but then you had to go and be "nice".

  3. I keep wondering why you haven't posted anything and I just realized that it is because you weren't in my bloglines :( Darn it. Now I will play catch up but I wanted to say hi anyway!