Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Carry On!

I stayed up tonight to watch Project Runway but it's not a new episode...reruns again! What's up with that?? So instead, I'm blogging and trying to learn to cable without a cable needle.

Hope it was a very Merry Christmas for you and yours!! I had a lovely holiday... spent time with some friends and family. On the knitting front, I got all four pair of the slipper socks finished, wrapped and under the Christmas tree for the grandkids.

I even got a pair for my Mom almost finished. I couldn't quite pull it off, the clock ticked away, so I put one sock and a ball of yarn in her gift package with her pretty pajamas. When she opened it, the ball of yarn puzzled her, at first she thought she had the wrong gift. My Mom wouldn't know what to do with a ball of yarn in a million years. She wasn't the crafty Mom on the block when I was growing up. But she got quite a kick out of her single sock and the IOU for the second one. In fact, I was able to finish it today on the train. So tomorrow, I'll deliver her pair of Christmas socks to her.

I used Moda Dea Washable Wool in Raspberry for Mom's socks. It's really soft and knit up very nicely. And I was able to get an anklet pair out of a single 166 yd. skein! Bonus! So now I have an unused ball for a second pair. Maybe for me... maybe for DD#2. She came home early on Christmas morning to do some baking and cooking, and generally just help out before the horde descended. Plus she got me the coolest hoodie ever!!

And so, now I'm working on finishing that pink aran scarf I've neglected for a good portion of the fall. It's the last "Christmas" project to be completed for an early January visit to Maryland. And I thought if I could cable without a cable needle it might go faster.

Once it's done I will officially be with nothing OTN and can start some new projects for the new year!! I'm thinking I'm going to swatch for my clap, start a cable or lacey patterned sock in some of my "pretty" sock yarn and maybe make a couple of hats or a pair of Fetchings. Plus, I joined the EZ EPS sweater group over at ravelry and have been browsing my new copy of Knitting Without Tears to get ready to cast on. And tonight, I'm even considering making the sweater a cardigan... which will involve steeking!!

Carry On!!!


  1. Wow. So many pink socks! The little ones are so cute!

  2. I know! What's with the re-runs of Project Runway? I am going through withdraw. I'm glad you got the socks done for the kids and that they were loved by all.

  3. Kool Socks Suzy Girl!
    I hope she loved them!
    See ya on Sunday!