Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't Leave Home Without IT!!!

I learned a very valuable lesson today. Never leave home without your knitting bag. Not even if you're going Christmas shopping and won't have any opportunity for knitting. I did that today... and found myself sitting in my car, in a parking lot, with a flat tire, waiting for AAA, with no knitting!!
Aaargh!!! And I sat, and waited for an hour, while valuable knitting time, Christmas deadline knitting time, slipped away.
Now I usually do grab my little current WIP bag. Even if it's doubtful I'll have time for knitting. But today, for some reason I didn't. Maybe I was distracted by the whole Christmas shopping extravaganza, making a list, checking it twice, fa-la-la-la-la thing. Or maybe it's because my current WIP is getting a little tedious.

I'm on the final pair, of the slipper socks I decided to make for the 4 grandkids. And I'm using the same yarn for all 4 pair! I coudn't even get myself together enough to get different yarn for each pair.

I settled for an acrylic, Red Heart Heathers in a nice rich, Christmasy red, that will match the jammies I bought. I liked the yarn when I started, after all the negative things I heard about RH, I was surprised that this feels nice and soft. But still, I had really intended to find a nice, soft, washable wool. But that's another story. So I hope they're comfortable to wear, otherwise, I'll be making more, this time in wool. And in crazy, bright colors to keep me interested.

So what did I do tonight, to make up for that lost Christmas sock knitting time?? I surfed the web and admired other knitters' blogs and FOs. Then I picked up the washcloth I started (4 rows knit) earlier in the fall and abandoned. Is it January yet?


  1. Oh my! You poor thing! Well, I have learned from your mistake. I will carry a knitting bag with me at all costs. Nothing is worse than being stuck somewhere with Idle hands.

  2. uh oh! I hate it when I leave home with now knitting only to find out I should have brought it. At least you are on the last pair of those socks.

  3. Oh, I had that last saturday. I went to Antwerpen for some christmas shopping, but the trains didn't ride so I had to wait for 3 hours with NO KNITTING.