Friday, December 14, 2007

Baby booga bag

As you can see I have finished my booga bag. Now, I know I used size 10 needles, but come on! It has turned out a lot smaller than I thought. With the cord, I actually made it longer than the pattern said, because I was busy watching Torchwood and not paying attention. Love that show and BBC America in general. Great programming!! I did not over felt it because, I checked it often. Here are the pre and post felting measurements in inches:

Pre felt: bottom 8 1/4, width 11 1/4, height 12 1/2, I cord 81 inches

Post felt: bottom 6 1/2, width 6 1/2, height 7, I cord 60 inches

I can still use the bag, but I am going to re-knit an I cord long enough so I can wear the bag cross ways over my body, like in front on a diagonal, intead of just on my shoulder. I have yarn left over. I only used about maybe 2 1/2 skein of the Caron felt it. You learn from your mistakes. Not that this is a mistake, but now that I know the basic construction, I can make myself a bigger one. Maybe square size, like a tote or something. that show! I like sci-fi stuff anyhow. But the writing is good, and Captain Jack is easy on the eyes, even though he is taken. Plus it's soemthing different than what is on the usual channels. Much more free and loose than the U.S. Season 2 will be on in January 2008.

Gave the bunny to my co worker ans she loved it, as did everyone else. Also finished my urchin hat, and I'll post that on the 18th. Suzy Girl has to bring her camera in for me. Have a great weekend!


  1. I think the bag is really pretty even if it is smaller then you wanted!