Sunday, December 7, 2008

How could I?

I had a dilemma this week with regards to holiday decorating. As most of you may know, I ususally have my tree up and decorated by now. Well this year, we have a complication:

You see this couch is huge. There is no other place to put the couch or the tree. So I would have to evict this poor puppy's couch just for my Crhistmas tree, for only about three weeks. I can't do that! What a shame! We are planning on re-decorating the living room some time next year, and getting her a "new" couch/loveseat at that time.
I think one year without my tree is acceptable. I sort of decorated the blog and put some knick knacks around the house. In the meantime, keep posting those lovely pictures and posts of your holiday decorations and things. I am living vicariously through you all.

Knitting Update:

I am thisclose to finishing my blue yoke sweater. The bottom was too short (yes I measured), so I had to un-bind off and frogg my modified rib hem. I plan on finishing and washing today. Model pictures sometime this week. If I don't wear it to work this week, Suzy is going to kick my butt!

Vacation Picture Update:

Uploaded them to Picassa web Albums. Now I'm workin on the captions. There are 295 pictures and that number was whittled down. They need captions because otherwise, you and I will have no idea what some of these things are. Even then they may be hard to figure out. :)


  1. I don't know how you could argue with that face!! She is a lucky dog!
    And no pressure on the sweater... I know you've got lot's going on... like getting those vacation pics captioned, lol!!
    Enjoy your day off and trip to the movies.

  2. I'm still slowly decorating. That is in between wandering around the house looking for things I just misplaced!!!!!
    I am so intrigued by your sweater tease. I can't wait to see the pictures. You know I am anxiously awaiting the vacation photos too!!!! I will live through your vacation!!!!

  3. Chris is trying to convince me we don't need a tree. I'm thinking that we probably do because I have a place to put it and energy to put it up and dogs to train not to torture it!

  4. How sweet of you to not want to move the dog, lol!

  5. LOL aww she seems very happy that you decided not to move her couch lol. : )