Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the hat zone

I never got the hat thing. Now, I’ve heard many new knitters turn out hats like crazy, but I just never made that many hats. Even as a new knitter. First, I think I was always a bit intimidated by the fit thing. Unlike a scarf, a hat has to fit.
When my kids were little, I made a few hats. On straight needles, so I had to seam them up, a big, ribbed, turned up cuff and to top it off, a pom-pom. Forgive me, but this was the ‘80’s. When the grandkids came along, I made a few more hats. And again, nothing too exciting. Ribbed cuff, stockinette stitch, knitted flat, again that damn seam, (no pom-poms this time around). My hat making was more a labor of necessity, rather than a knitting adventure.
So fast forward to 2008, and even though my fellow bloggers and ravelers have been knitting lot’s of cute hats, (Jenny Girl and Knitting Novice among them), I’ve pretty much been ignoring hats. Until winter got serious here in Philly and I realized I had no hat. Not a single hat in the house that I could claim as mine. Not even a store bought, generic hat was lying around.
About the same time I had been listening to some old episodes of “Ready, Set, Knit”, the podcast from WEBS. I know, I really need Brenda Dayne and Jenny and Nicole to come back from their Holiday breaks. I’ve resorted to downloading all the old episodes of several knitting podcasts and have been listening to them on my train ride. Anyway, the first WEBS knit along on their podcast was a simple hat made from measurements. So I grabbed my tape measure, measured my head, and last Tuesday evening, I took a trip to my LYS and picked up a couple of balls of Reynolds Whiskey and knit my little brown hat.

It’s just a plain beanie type cap knit in the round. I used the Whiskey double stranded, since it’s a Dk weight yarn on size 8 needles, (dpn’s no longer scare me since I learned to knit socks this summer). And it was quick, and it was fun and it keeps me warm. So now, I’ve re-examined my stash with a new eye. I’ve added several hats to my ravelry queue.

I started Koolhaas by Jared Flood, I’ve got stash yarn earmarked for Foliage by Emilee Mooney, Odessa by Grumperina and for this cute little button hat by Rachel Iufer. I think I get the hat thing now. But I'll let you know for sure, if Koolhaas is a success (i.e wearable).


  1. I've nominated both of you!! I certainly couldn't pick since I like you both so much! Go see my blog!!