Thursday, January 10, 2008

When Good Yarn Goes Bad

So earlier in the winter, I told you about how much I loved my green scarf. I was in love with the yarn, Reynolds Odyssey, a 100% merino that is so soft and pretty. I loved the pattern. I enjoyed every stitch as I knit it into a very pretty scarf. And I enjoyed wearing that pretty scarf so much, until after wearing it for a few weeks, the tendency of my pretty, green scarf to roll drove me insane!

So insane, that over the New Year's holiday, even though I had several new projects that I was anxious to cast on.... I frogged it, so I could reknit it. And now, for lack of anything more exciting to share with you, I'll share my trip to the frog pond. And my lovely green scarf version 2. My current train riding project.

So after ripping for what seemed an endless amount of time I had almost 4 skeins worth of yarn that resembled ramen noodles. Any thought that I was going to immediately reknit this vanished. I needed to wind it all into hanks and give it a bath.

Into the sink with a little eucalan it went (thank you Bea!) and a short while later, out it came to hang and dry....

And get rewound into little center pull balls, by me, by hand....

and reknit into a new scarf (Best Friend Scarf) for me to wear.

Because I loved my green scarf too much to let it be a roller.


  1. Fearless for sure! But more beautiful the second time around!

  2. Cute! and looking very much flatter!

  3. And how long did it take to wind that yarn?? Love the new scarf.