Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Knit Fearlessly

How weird is this? Tonight I came home from work and checked my e-mail while I waited for my dinner to finish and what does Interweave Press' Knitting Daily newsletter have to say??
2008 is the Year of Knitting Fearlessly!!
Now just yesterday, when I was thinking about the new year and making my knitting resolutions I was thinking about being less afraid of failure in my knitting, of trying new things and I actually wanted to say be more fearless in my knittng, but I thought I'd sound like a goof. Well, apparently Sandi over at Knitting Daily thinks the same thing.
And in fact, I want to share the list from that newsletter. It's like she was reading my mind. Weird.

"Here's some things to think about:
Is there something you haven't tried because it seems Too Scary?
Is there a technique you want to learn, or learn to do more skillfully?
Is there something that stumps you? (Yup)
Is there something that you are dying to try, in your secret knitter's heart, but haven't dared because you think you're not a good enough knitter? (Yup)
Are you always knitting The Same Old Things, and you'd like to try something new? (Yup)

Do you always knit for others, and never for yourself? Or perhaps you only knit yourself accessories, but never a lovely cardigan or pullover to wear?" (Yup, Yup)

And it was so cold and windy here today, that when I got off the train tonight, I was thinking to myself "I need a hat... I'm a knitter without a hat. That's not right". And again, Knitting Daily to the rescue. The newsletter has a free hat pattern that's simple and kind of cute. Little buttons all over it. Well, maybe I don't see myself sewing little buttons on my hat but it's still cute and timely. And weird.

So go forth and knit fearlessly!


  1. Weird coincidences. I can't wait to see what you come up with to work on fearlessly in the new year. I know everything will turn out wonderfully and if it doesn't, well, then you still have some great yarn to make something else!

    Cheers and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Good for Suzy Girl. You do need a hat if you are a knitter! Is Mr. Greenjeans on the needles yet?

  3. This is why we are such kindred spirits! I read that post and list thought the same things as you are and did. That's why I love you girl! oh and I will make sure you remain fearless throughout 2008.