Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aloha shrug and what is so super about this Tuesday?

Happy Super Tuesday Everyone!

I think every day and or week now has a special name. I am just afraid by the time Pennsylvania has their primary in a couple of weeks my choice will be made. Regardless of who it is, I still want to feel as though I had a choice. I don't like things being dictated to me. Although do we really have a choice in our leader anyway?
Alright enough of that bitchin, on to knitting! I have dubbed my vacation shrug the Aloha shrug. Well duh! As mentioned previously, I 'm using the comfy shoulder shrug pattern from the September 07 Creative Knitting Mag. That pattern called for bamboo yarn which was pretty difficult to find on the web, believe it or not. So I am using Knit Picks Shine Worsted. These pictures are from last week, so it is actually bigger now.

I am really enjoying working with yarn. It is soft and smooth, yet not too slippery. I just know this will feel great against my skin. I read Shine may shed, but mine hasn't and I am into the second ball. I needed 10 total. Before I forget, 7 of these balls have come my way from Knitting Novice via Suzy Girl. Neither one of my gals could come up with a project for this yarn, so luckily it was given to me. Yea!
I have to boogie on out the door, so TTFN!


  1. That looks perfect for your tropical vacay!

  2. This is super pretty. Love that color.

  3. Love the color----- it will be tropicaliperfect!

  4. Looks great Jenny. So Pretty and Tropical.
    Are you going on the crawl on Saturday?

  5. Very pretty start to your shawl!

  6. Wow, that yarn lives up to its name.........SHINE !
    I can see the sheen from here !
    I love that coral color, and the stitch pattern is gorgeous !

  7. That is so pretty and I love the color...: )