Friday, March 28, 2008

I gots me a swatch

I did the right thing and swatched for my sweater. I even washed the swatch, because I am a smidgen or scosh off from stitches per inch gauge. Both Susie and myself measured, and we think that I should be okay. Poor Susie, you see I am a wee bit dense when it comes to the math part. The patient girl, bless her heart had to explain the math to me a couple of times. Math and I just don't get along. Just ask my former pre-calculus teacher. Anyway, the citrus yoke pullover is a top down knit, so I can try it on as I go. And try (keep fingers crossed) to adjust as I go. We'll see how that goes.
Not much else to report. CBS cancelled one of my most favorite shows, Jericho, and so I sent them a nasty email. Not that they will do anything, but it made me feel better. Hopefully another network will pick up the show. The show delivers a good story every week. So sorry there weren't singers or dancers in it. I like reality TV too, but come on, we still need some dramas.

One last thing. My friend Bea over at Baa Baa Blacksheep is having a contest. The contest is a celebration of both her and her sister's birthdays and it is about her two cute dogs Gus and Abby. You have to guess at each of their favorite activities. The dogs not the sisters. So, please visit, take a guess, and tell her I sent you. Please.

And if you haven't had your fill of dogs, here is one more picture. Lucky likes to lay beside my chair and the end table. Easy access for Mommy to pet her...all night long. That's why there isn't always a lot of knitting going on!

What's with the petting mommy?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Math is not my friend, either! But good for you for knitting AND washing your swatch--I don't think I've ever washed a swatch. It's good that I even knit one!

  2. The swatch looks super!! And so does the blog!! I love the new colors... what a surprise!
    Pat Lucky girl once or twice for me.

  3. I bet the sweater will turn out wonderfully well. Its so nice when you can try it on as you go!

    THanks for linking to the contest. Susie can still link here and get credit too!

  4. Ohh love that sweater...I hate to swatch and don't think I've ever washed one lol. Could be why the garment attempts never fit me...

    Love the new blog, I thought I had messed up and couldn't figure out where I was for a minute lol...Give Lucky girl a pat from me : )

  5. The swatch looks great! The blog looks great too! You have to teach me how to do the banner at the top!
    Hope all is well!

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