Saturday, March 22, 2008

Very busy week

Hey, hey everybody! Hope you are doing well. I am as is Suzy. WE have both had a very busy week. Work has been crazy, too many projects and meetings to count. I know meetings are a necessary evil, but they can suck up the most productive time ever! Preparing for it, traveling to it, holding it, and following up, how does anything truly get done???

Monday night I attended my last class I need for my bachelors. YEA!!! Very exciting. I have a final paper and presentation to write as well, but that is just a matter of doing. Which is hard, because I should be working on it, yet here I am blogging and thinking Ravelry, since I don't get on too much. And did I mention I am thinking of swatching for my sweater? Oh yeah, so anyway.

Other exciting news. Got a new camera! Yea! My old camera was like one of the first digital cameras ever, so this is a nice step up for me. It is a Canon Power Shot SD750, Digital elph. Read the book a couple of times, and not much as sunk in. Wee bit confusing, but I have figured out with some uses, how do the things. I think the editing the pictures after will be really cool. You see, I would like to take a cool picture of some yarn for the banner to the blog. You know jazz it up a little. So anyway, these are the first pictures I took:

My baby of course! This is Lucky saying, "Why mommy? Why must you take my picture....again?"

This is what she looks like when you ask her if she wants some cookies. "Cookies? Did you say cookies? Hell yeah mommy!" She is the princess of the house obviously. She just turned 11. I usually rub her belly with my foot while I knit, so she doesn't feel left out. You know how princesses are?

I have gotten a little bit of knitting done this week. I had a tape measure moment last week with respect to my shrug. See, I am not too good at the measuring part. I know, this is a pretty easy skill, but you just don't know. I measure something, and it's 5 inches. Suzy does it and it's 10. If I measure something with her, it comes out to the necessary length. Can't explain it. I miss measured so badly, I almost frogged the Aloha shrug. I even started to cast on for a new one on different needles. Yeah, that took a couple of nights of precious knitting. Well, after consulting with Suzy, I again realized I can't measure, but my shrug is just fine. Phew! Here are some progress pictures and a different background:

It's coming along nicely. The stitch pattern is easy. No thinking required. Perfect TV watching knitting. I am starting to get a little bored though, hence the sweater swatch possibly later today. I don't know we'll see. Other than that, I don't have many WIPs. My multi-directional scarf which is languishing somewhere. I think I'll pull that back out today too. I just got a dark hot pink rain coat and the scarf will look cute with it.
Well, that's it for now. Take care and TTFN!
Mmm..malabrigo! Cinnamongirl is having a contest for 2 skeins of malabrigo. I found out because Bea mentioned it on her blog. Go see Cinnamongirl and please tell her I sent you!


  1. Hey Jenny Girl,
    Your Shrug looks beautiful!
    Great new Camera!
    Have a great Easter!

  2. I got a new camera some months back & still don't know how to do half the stuff, lol. But yay for new cameras! Love the doggie pics.

    And the shrug looks great so far. Glad it's going well.

  3. aww what a cutie the little princess is! I love the shurg and I'm the same way on measuring! Woohoo for a new camera!! : )