Friday, March 14, 2008

Crawling the (Wet) Streets of Philadelphia

I'm a bit tardy posting about the very successful, but wet, Philly Knitters yarn crawl last Saturday the 8th. I'm having computer issues at home but finally decided better late than never. Jenny Girl, KnittingNovice and I joined yarn forces with a crazy bunch of knitters from ravelry and Live Journal to terrorize the good citizens of Philadelphia. It was organized by Heather, aka sparkcrafted at ravelry and as she noted... "we emptied out a couple of coffee shops". This was one of our Starbucks stops where we did a little knitting and ball winding and tried to wait out the rain.
We also met some terrific knitters that I had previously only known by avatar and blog, like Heather and Rachel. And we bought yarn. I'll save my yarn purchases to share with you another day but let's just say it was a productive day!!