Sunday, October 12, 2008

It is time for the bathing

This event actually occurred a few weeks ago, before I knew Indian summer was going to happen. The bathing of the dog. It is a big to-do and dramatic event for the doggy. Lucky does not like baths. As soon as she hears me cleaning out the big metal tub, Lucky runs upstairs and hides on my bed. Then you have to fake her out after you get all the gear together. I usually wait 5 minutes and call that its okay to come down. then you can hear jump off the bed and down she comes. But Lucky knows all is not well.
Over the years it has gotten a little easier, but in the beginning she would stick out all fours so you couldn't carry her out the back door. Nowadays by the time you get her to back door, you have to put her down because she is heavy. Then she gives you a dirty look and saunters out the door to her doom.

I always fill the tub with warm water, and talk to her the whole time she gets the rub down with soap. I spoil the crap out of her actually. Usually I have to keep her between my legs because she tries to escape. But this time, it was different.

We were in the yard, and she just looked at me. And sat down. Albeit with a dirty look, but she sat down. Lucky has finally resigned herself to bath time. It made me a little sad, because it means she is getting older, and is too tired to fight with me. You think they are going to live forever, and then before you know it years have gone by, and they get a little slower and sleep a little more.

Oh well. All I'm saying is enjoy your pets and the time you have with them.
And give them extra cookies after bath time like I do. I am such a soft touch, and Lucky knows it.

TTFN! And happy knitting.


  1. Ours are always treated. Gus loves baths. Abby not so much.

  2. Awww, poor Lucky. She's adorable! I don't know why a lot of dogs hate baths so much.

  3. Lucky really is a lucky dog to have you as a Mommy!! She is a cutie.

  4. I agree she is very lucky to have you and very cute. Yeager doesn't mind getting a bath and just sits there...our shih-tzu hated baths though and would hide in the house, he was so small that a lot of times we couldn't find him lol. : )

  5. Lucky is a "lucky pup".
    Cecily sends her kisses.
    Thanks for the contest link.

  6. Lucky has the right name! My Zippy runs when I go into the bathroom and call him, but in the end he sighs and lets me put him in the tub. He's only 15 pounds so he's not a big deal, but he hates bath time.

  7. Glad she did well. The pics are so cute!! :)