Tuesday, October 16, 2007

And a good time was had by all....

No, that's not what I brought home from Stitches but.....

My first trip to Stitches East was in a word.... FUN!!!
My knitting buddy(Knitting Novice) and I took advantage of a bus trip sponsored by the Bucks County Knitter's and Crocheter's Guild (I think I got that name right) so we could check out the Marketplace on Saturday. Sadly, Jenny Girl had some other commitments and wasn't able to join us.

Can I just say YARN!! Beautiful yarn, every where you looked.
I did a little advance planning Friday night so I wouldn't just wander aimlessly... but I think I did a little of that anyway. I went with a budget in mind and printed out yardage and yarn specifications for a couple of projects I have waiting in my Ravelry queue. I knew that at a minimum I was coming home with some sock yarn and after that it was whatever else took my fancy... within reason of course.

So we visited booth after booth, and we fondled and we fondled some more.

One of Knitting Novice's purchases is just the coolest thing. A tube of little colorful yarn balls (yarn candy) to make a scarf. It's knit length-wise, stripes, with fringe. Really clever and cute!!

And I bought a little bit more than I planned... maybe... but it was a once a year opportunity so I had fun.

And we even got a teeny little sample of lace weight Malabrigo as a give away. It's so cute!! I'm keeping it on my desk at work as my stress reliever. Whenever the boss get's on my last nerve I just give it a little squeeze and pet and all is well.

Yup, a good time was had.

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  1. Hey Suzy_Girl,
    Your pictures turned out great! The colors are vivid. Good Idea to use the Malabrigo as a stress reliever! I'm going to try it myself.
    Hey Jenny_Girl,
    We missed you!

    Can't wait to meet the Harlot on Friday!