Monday, October 8, 2007

Saying Goodbye is Hard

I knew all along they weren't for me. But still it's hard to say goodbye. I got used to seeing them in my knitting bag. I could take them out and look at them whenever I wanted. So, while it's exciting that I have finished 2 pairs of socks recently, I got a little attached, so it was hard to let them go... my problem children - the faux fair isles and the better behaved pink-orange Tofutsies.

Problem children went home with #2 DD. I knit them using Schoeller & Stahl Fortissima Socka. It's a self-striping yarn that creates a faux fair isle pattern. After much consideration I had decided that I'd wanted the socks to be twins.... yes, paternal twins, not fraternal twins. With the fair isle patterning it just seemed like it should. So, after completing the 1st sock, I did my best to cast on for sock two with the same color sequence and just when I was beginning to feel pretty good about it.... the cream/green color change went haywire. After some frogging and finagling I got to a point where again, I was feeling pretty good about it and.... f#%*&@!!!! A knot appeared when I was starting the heel flap!! Where the yarn had been cut and tied, an entirely new color sequence began, ending any hope (or desire) I had for the pair to match.

But #2DD has had her eye on them and just happened to buy 2 new sweaters, from that Sara Jessica $20 and under line last week, one of which is a pretty shade of blue and another a pretty shade of green. The socks matched the sweaters perfectly, so off they went with her to their new home in NYC.

The better behaved pinky-orange Tofutsies were perfect for #1DD, she gravitates toward those colors, she's a pink girl and she's going through a tough time right now so I put them in the mail to her, hoping they'd cheer her up. Apparently, a new pair of handmade socks can't solve every problem, but they can really make your feet happy.

And, both girls, home for a visit last evening to help celebrate their brother's birthday, well what did they have on their feet?? Mom's socks..... came home for a visit too.

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