Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well, who is this? (and Part 2 of the road trip)

Yes, it's me, Jenny Girl. I know I have been MIA for over a week. Please accept my apologies. After posting at the convention about part 1 of me and Suzy's road trip, I caught a nasty cold over the weekend, and was out of commission for a while. Plus I had a paper due for school, and some knitting to get done. School is over until January, so expect a lot of posting to be going on. Plus my weekends are more free, so hopefully I'll get more knitting done. It's all about the knitting baby! So, on to part 2 of me and Suzy Girl's road trip to LYS.

Well, we only have two within walking distance of our work, so our next stop was Rosie's Yarn Cellar on Locust between 21st and 20th streets in Philly of course.

That's our friend Lucy posing with the Rosie's sign. She accompanied us on our walk. Rosie's is cute, but a little claustrophobic. It is very small and the yarn is everywhere, neatly organized of course. Rosie's has a nice selection of both high and low end yarn, including some great sock yarn selections. And there is always a sale basket, that I just have to rummage through. Even the sale stuff is good quality.

Rosie's also carries, books patterns and all types of knitting notions. The staff are friendly and helpful. Sorry but sometimes going into a LYS is uncomfortable. Don't make me feel as though I don't belong. Because then I certainly won't buy anything. Anyway, I ended up buying more sock yarn

I want to make something fun with yarn. A fun sock sock pattern, so I'm going to search on Ravelry. That's another time sucker upper. I can spend hours on Ravelry, that's nothing else gets done!! Love the site, I just have to set myself up properly.

Well, I have to go or else the job that allows me to buy yarn is going to kill me. BTW, tomorrow, Suzy Girl, myself and knitting novice ( are going to meet The Yarn Harlot ( at Borders. We are so excited. I took the day off from work, and Suzy took a half day. Plus I get to see knitting novice, who I never get to see. Yeah!

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