Saturday, October 27, 2007

A night with my peeps and the Yarn Harlot

Yes, Suzy, Knitting Novice ( , and I went to meet the Yarn Harlot. A phenomenal time was had by all. We got there early to get great seats of course, and met some really wonderfully people. It was great to just hang out, talk, and knit with other knitters. I felt like I had ADD because I was trying to listen and respond to multiple conversations, comment on every one's knitting, and then concentrate on my own. It just felt wonderful to be among my own kind, let alone hang out with Suzy outside of work. Also, I never get to see the Knitting Novice because we work different days. It's usually just email for us. It was great to see her too, and to actually speak in person.

Although she had a bad cold, the Yarn Harlot ( gave a funny and interesting talk with great tips on dealing with non-knitters. I need these since I am pretty much surrounded by non-knitters who just don't get it. As a matter of fact, while at Borders, my best friend called my house. She and my husband had a good laugh on my behalf, "She is where? Book signing by a knitter?" "Yeah, as long as she's happy." Ha-ha-ha. Although my dear friend loves the blanket and scarf I have given her, since I started knitting. WHATEVER!

So, the Harlot signed my books, said she checked out this blog, and took a picture with me. I know this is her lively hood or whatever, but I have to give the woman her props. She was clearly not feeling well, and still came, and hung out all night at a Borders. She took pictures with everyone, and had something to say to each individual. She just makes everyone feel nice and has a good time while doing it. Her great attitude is infectious, because even the Borders people were thinking of taking knitting classes.

I also met some other Jane Austin fans at Borders. The Masterpiece Theater series on PBS starts in January 2008 (
Sorry, but I think Colin Firth is a cutie, and him as Mr. Darcy is yummy. Come on now, knitting socks and Pride and just can't go wrong there.

Take care and TTFN!


  1. Hey Jenny Girl,
    I love the pix of you and Colin. He's a cutie! Your sock was lookin' pretty good in the picture too!

  2. Love Colin, he's the only reason I watched Bridget Jones & his fight scene with Hugh Grant is one of the funniest on film.

  3. It was a fun time! Stephanie, Colin, some knitting... what more you could you ask for??
    And I agree, Colin Firth makes the top 10 list. I even watched an Amanda Bynes (i.e. teenage) movie that he was the dad in!