Friday, October 12, 2007

What's Going On....

So it's been a busy week as Jenny Girl shared in her last post. Work, work and more work! But I did squeeze in some knitting time here and there (gotta' love that train ride) and have a few things OTN this week to share.

I started the Nine-to-Five socks, a free pattern offered by Nicole Hindes http://
in some chinese wool I bought off Etsy from Bamboo Village.

And becasue one sock is never enough I also found myself casting on my Trekking XXL. This pattern is another free pattern you can find on the web (notice a theme here??), Campfire socks from Cider Moon http://

I have a aran cabled scarf in Plymouth Encore as a new WIP.

And just for fun, I made my littlest dupey doo, a worsted weight sock for around the house to see how quick a worsted weight toddler sock knit up. It goes quick, so I'll be making some slipper socks for all the grandkids this fall. Here's the single little one I finished last night.

oh.. and one last thing, have I mentioned I'm going to Stitches East tomorrow??

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  1. Your projects look great! Can't wait to see you purchases in your stash!
    Where's Jenny Girl? Is she hiding under yarn somewhere?