Monday, October 22, 2007

Hangin' with the Harlot

Friday, October 19, 2007
Marlton, NJ

Yup, we were there. Just about front and center. Second row center, actually. Jenny Girl, Knitting Novice and I spent some quality time with Stephanie Pearl-McPhee this past Friday evening. And yup, I got to hold the traveling sock. I'm excited, can you tell??

And what can I say that hasn't been said before. The Harlot is amazing. Funny!! I expected that. But also extremely gracious.

Stephanie arrived wearing the Kauni cardigan and you could hear an excited buzz... "the sweater" running through the crowd. That sweater, as beautiful as it is on her blog, well, it's even more beautiful in person if possible.

There was a really nice crowd there. We met some great knitters and saw some wonderful WIPs. Lot's of socks of course. I had my Trekking sock with me. I worried all week, that the Trekking sock was not worthy. I wanted to have a sock of some really soft, pretty, unique handpainted yarn for Stephanie to admire. But I just never got around to casting on for another one and when Friday rolled around my choice was between the two socks in progress, the Trekking sock and a Regia stripy sock. So Trekking it was. But Stephanie was really nice. When I traded socks with her she commented "Trekking!!" as if she really was excited about a Trekking sock.

And now, though it pains me to admit this, I'm considering frogging it. Even though the Harlot held it in her hands. Is that sacriligeous?? I think it might be. I knit it up on size 2 bamboos. It's a little big and I think I would like it better knit at a tighter gauge. And the pattern... I've been feeling so-so about it. But the sane part of me thinks, "just finish the pair and move on... they'll make great hanging around the house socks... and the Harlot held one of them in her hands!"

Mmmm.... what would you do? Or maybe a better question is "What would the Harlot do?"


  1. Love your picture! As for the sock, it's been blessed by the Harlot...I would keep it and use it as a decoration if it doesn't fit. That's just my crazy logic! I'm thinking Sunshine might not be respectful of the sock I'm knitting him that was blessed by the Harlot....that might have to go in glass case on my mantel now!

  2. This picture came out so cute!! I think I may have to print one for my desk at work!

  3. Isn't seeing the Harlot in person fun? She's amazingly nice to everyone who talks to her at her signings... Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I think that writing the pattern out in my own shorthand might a nice way to force myself to assimilate it :)