Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Yea! Me and Suzy Girl are on Ravelry

We have made it to Ravelry! Yippee-Kiyae (you know Bruce Willis from Die Hard) Anyway, now we just need the time to set ourselves up properly. All our photos, and stuff. I was just thinking in the shower this morning, that I have all this stuff to do:
-Watch or listen to Phillies games
-Iron clothes and clean the house
-Write a paper for school (I am a coasting Senior, but I still have to write a paper)
-That work thing everyday
-Catch up on T.V. and read my book before I have to return it
-Attend conference for 5 days
-And of course knit, which is a given. Do I even need to put that in the list?

BTW, you should know I have committed myself to knitting a baby project for someone, that is due by Christmas. This of course is in addition to all my other projects, like socks for myself, and my mom. A scarf for myself. Another baby project for my buddy at work. The list goes on and on. I think I just need to take some time off work, so I can knit :)
Talk to you later!


  1. Totally skip ironing and cleaning your house. You can knit while you watch the game. No solution for the paper or the work thing.
    Is it totally unacceptable to whip out your needles at AHIMA? Hmmm..


  2. Actually, I think it's totally acceptable to whip out the needles at AHIMA. In fact, I plan on it!! lol!!