Monday, February 25, 2008

Adding to the stash

Last week, Suzy and I took a field trip to one of our favorite LYS Nangellini on South Street here in Philly. It was Monday, February 18, and it was about 60 degrees. 60 degrees? Yes, you read correctly. So, me with my leather boots on, and Suzy carrying her hat took a walk to go shopping for some wool. BTW, 4 days later there was 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, and parents wanted to know why school wasn't cancelled. When I went to school, if the snow wasn't up tp your knees you went, none of this close school BS.

I digress. So, I just wanted to look around at Nangellini because we have a yarn crawl coming up in about two weeks, and I was in the process of ordering my sweater yarn from Knit Picks. I said I really wasn't going to get anything, maybe some sock yarn. We no sooner got there and this bright pink yarn was screaming my name.

It is a cashmere/merino blend from Newton Country Yarns. It is so pink, squeeshy, and soft. There is about 440 yards there, so I'm thinking a pretty lace scarf is in order. It is a bright pink and unfortunately this picture really does not do it justice. Suzy and I are not professional photogs, so we do the best we can. instead of my kitchen table for background, we used a bench in Suzy's office. This bench is awesome! Everytime I go in there I sit on it. You could lay on it and take a nap. You know, if you had to.

This is the other yarn I bought, because you can't buy just one. 3 skeins of Ejido for another felted bag. One that I could use comfortably, and not think my stuff is going to fall out. Pink and brown. Suzy had originally picked this up, and when she showed me I got a little dazed. Needless to say, Suzy pretty much said, "Take this you need it more than I do." I certainly did turn it down. I just love the colors together. Can't explain it. A lot of the things I pick are pink, red, warm colors. You would think I am a girly girl, but I'm not. I am most comfortable in sweats with my hair like pebbles, falling out all over the place. Kind of the way I look right now.

On to my WIPs. I only have one, this multidirectional scarf made with Inca Print left over from my urchin beret.

I made a mistake the first time around, so this has been frogged once. It was going in an L shape, which is not scarf friendly. The pattern is easy in garter stitch, so it makes for good tv knitting. I love Lost, Big Brother, Survivor, Jericho, and Torchwood, just to name a few. My husband thinks I'm crazy for the BB but these people just crack me up. And regarding Jericho which deals with an apocolyptic event in the U.S., I awalys think, well at least I can knit garments if need be. But where will I get the yarn? Hurry! Run to the yarn store before someone takes it all!

I did also have a sock OTN, but realized, just after the heel, that I was not knitting my yo correctly. The sock should have looked more open, and it didn't. I just couldn't go on doing it wrong, and then it's mate wrong. So to the pond it went. So sad. I do like the Zokni pattern from Pepperknits blog I'll co again after I wait a while. I need a timeout.



  1. Excellent stashing----

    especially love the pink/brown!

    And a yarn hop coming up? Better make some room!


  2. Very lovely yarn. Your scarf is looking great too! Love your color choices.