Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sweater a go....

Suzy Girl's got a sweater OTN! I decided on a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, the Scoop Neck Cardigan #278 and cast on over the weekend after swatching several times. Swatch #1 doesn't really count. It was just for fun, the night I picked out the yarn, Ella Rae Classic wool in a sage green. At that point, I hadn't even settled on a pattern so it really was a pointless exercise.

Then, determined to "do it right", I knit swatch #2 on dpns as recommended on the KPS website's top down knit along page, especially written for first time sweater knitters. Yup, size 6 us dpns, in the round. And then went up to size 7's in an attempt to get gauge. In the round.

It was only after I washed and blocked this swatch that I realized that I would be knitting a cardigan back and forth on circulars!! So much for that swatch. On to swatch #3. I grabbed my size 6 us bamboo circulars. And after knitting and washing and waiting for this swatch to dry I did learn a valuable lesson. Apparently, like most knitters, my gauge, knitting in the round on dpn's is a bit tighter than when I'm knitting and purling back and forth. Size 6 it is.

So, Sunday night, while watching Colin Firth, I mean Jane Austen, on my local PBS station, I got started.


  1. This is going to be really pretty!

  2. Dear Knitting Guru,
    It's looking good. Tonight, I will swatch mine. I didn't know I was going to have to block my swatch! Thanks all knowing guru!
    See ya later!

  3. Isn't Colin Firth, I mean, Jane Austen, perfect knitting TV? Hee hee.

    You are quite the meticulous swatcher!