Friday, February 15, 2008

Not another bunny?!

Oh yes, I made another one of those bunnies. This yellow one was for the wife of a very dear friend and coworker of mine who was expecting (she had a baby girl, yea!). You may recall I made one of these before Christmas for a female coworker. That was blue for her little boy.

Well, let me just say two times were enough for this little project. Although it didn't take long, the yarn is on the thick side and my fingers were hurting a wee bit as I worked with it. Besides, been there and done that you know? Both of my coworkers loved their bunnies, but the bunnies stop there. No more of these ever! There is someone else in the office who is due in June with their second child. I haven't decided yet if I will make her somehting. If I do it has to something quick and easy and different. Susie has told me that was enough with making things for our coworkers. And I kind of agree with her. But if I can find a small simple project......hmm....

So, Susie has mentioned our sweater project attempts. Yes it's time to make that first sweater. I am a weanie and don't want to do any seaming, so I am choosing the Citrus Yoke pullover by Katie Himmelberg from Interweave Knits Winter 2007. I have spent all week searching out yarn on the internet. Sometimes I am just not good with decisions. However, after much searching and mind changing I am going to use Wool of the Andes Bulky from Knit Picks. Not too expensive, and I figure I good choice for a first sweater.

I also want to order some Shine Worsted from Knit Picks for the comfy shoulder shrug from the septmebr issue of Creative Knitting 2007. I did a swatch from a skein from Knitting Novice via Susie Girl. I really like the way it knitted up. And it feels nice and soft and silky. I'll probably order over the weekend

The purpose of the shrug is for my vacation. Which I finally booked today, yea! Hubby and I are going to HAWAII!!! For two glorious weeks in november. Poor Susie has had to listen to me about this trip. You see I have been researching for almost a year, because it's not cheap. Decisions to be made, and you know how I am about decisions. Susie and I have even had conversations about what kind of projects I should bring on the trip, since flight time is 12 hours each way. Oh yeah, I know there are beaches and volcanoes, but what can I knit on the road? Socks baby! If only my hubby knew what I really think about sometimes :)

As far as current WIPs I have a sick with the heel turned, and a multidirectional scarf which I had to frog, because I apparently wentt in the wrong direction. Maybe some pictures next week. Until then take care!



  1. There's nothing wrong with planning ahead and thinking about what small knitting projects you take to HAWAII with you!!
    Can I stow away if I promise not to be good??
    And I think that sweater pattern is a great choice for you. Very Jenny Girl!!

  2. oops... must be my subconscious getting the best of me. That was supposed to be "if I promise TO BE good!" lol!

  3. I've made one of those bunnys as well. Great knit. Yours looks really cute in that yellow.

  4. The bunny is so cute! How nice that you are going to Hawaii - I'm completely jealous! I've used Shine and I think its really nice yarn - very soft and knits up well.

  5. Hawaii! How lucky.

    I know, with all the choices in yarn today, I have a tough time making decisions for projects, too.